What’s Up with YOU?

The Akashic Records are a Soul-level resource, so many people like to ask about their Soul’s purpose, their Life Lessons, Mission: very  lofty, esoteric questions. These questions are fine, but……

What Keeps Happening?

How is your human life going? What is puzzling you? What keeps happening that you cannot figure out? What about your life would you like to see moving better, flowing more easily or even simply working out in a way that you feel good about?

In Your Records You are Uplifted

The Akashic Records are here to uplift your human experience as you connect to the wisdom, love and understanding you receive in our records.

Asking the Questions that Will Satisfy

I encourage my clients to ask questions about what is up for them in their lives that could be better. Or, what is motivating the questions about Life Purpose and Mission? To be honest, those questions come up when our human experiences are not in a flow, not happening the way we think they should be happening, or we keep seeing the same events, same relationships, the same patterns playing out over and over and over again. We decide that we must be off-track, out of alignment or “broken” in some way with our Life Purpose or Soul’s Mission if this is happening. It makes sense that we want to look for our bigger Mission and Life Purpose at those points in time, but you will be far more satisfied when you dig into what is up with you in your human life.

What is Motivating the Bigger Questions?

When you are creating the questions for your reading and find yourself pondering these questions: What is My Life’s Purpose? What is my Mission? Am I on track? Take a few more moments to ask yourself what is motivating those questions. Ask yourself what you feel is “off track” in your life? What aspect(s) of your life do not feel in a flow? What patterns are you sick and tired of seeing?

You Will Feel More On-Track

Ask those questions because of the healing, release, and understanding you experience when you receive the beautiful, unconditionally loving, non-judgmental, Soul-level answers from your Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones in your reading. I will even go further to say that if those uncomfortable aspects of your human life shifted to a more positive place you would not feel off track or off your mission! Would you agree?

If you would like to explore your Akashic Records and find out the answers to your everyday questions to improve your human life, Contact me or Paul for a reading. The readings are done via phone or Skype and will be recorded for you, if you wish.

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  1. Rahul Pawar on September 1, 2014 at 5:44 am said:

    what is my purpose in life. who was i in previous incarnation

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