What Makes the Universal Sphere® Unique & Special?

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What Makes the Universal Sphere® Unique and Special?

  • The Universal Sphere® is an energy experience that is ideally suited for our time of Awakening and Ascension. It supports us in embodying our multidimensionality while in 3D.
  • With the Universal Sphere®, the energies do not flow through the person doing it. Therefore, the thoughts & emotions of the practitioner will not negatively impact the effectiveness of the experience.
  • With the Universal Sphere you are working in the Unified Field where all possibilities exist. This means you entrain to new solutions that you never knew were possible. We call that Solution Energy!
  • The Universal Sphere can be used in a myriad ways: People, pets, space clearing, situations, raising the vibration of meetings, homes, business spaces, and much more! Truly the sky’s the limit!.
  • The most powerful use of the Universal Sphere are “situations”. Situations are life’s experiences that include many people, experiences, energies, and points of view. For example, if someone is in a challenging work situation, this will include many people, the corporate culture, expectations and beliefs of all the people involved, office politics and more. There are a lot of energies at play in this situation. Doing Universal Spheres for this type of situation can positively contribute to everyone and everything involved. These energies always work at the highest level for all involved!
  • The Universal Sphere is more than a tool for healing. It is an experience that allows us to connect to the highest potential in every circumstance and the “highest and best for everyone involved”.
  • The Universal Sphere works equally well at a distance as in person, which makes it ideally suited to support people all over the world.
  • It originally came through Holly Hawkins Marwood, channeling Ishtara, in December 2011. The Universal Sphere is here to support us in awakening to our fullest potential!

Learn the Universal Sphere® for yourself, your loved ones and your clients. Our courses are taught online, world-wide. Connect with our current class schedule by clicking here: Universal Sphere Workshops Experience the Universal Sphere® in private, 1:1, sessions custom-tailored to your personal goals and visions. Bring Solution Energy into your Life! For more information, please click here: Universal Sphere Sessions

Holly Hawkins Marwood is a conscious channel, who connects with energetic information systems beyond our physical plane and bring those teachings, wisdom, healing and inspiration to those who are curious, interested, awakening and striving for their best life ever!   As a channel she shares the profound love and wisdom from the High Council of Orion, Ishtara, Melchizedek, the Angelic Realm, the Akashic Records and more. Their guidance over many years has been a source of healing, learning and inspiration for Holly as well as tens of thousands world-wide. You can read more about the classes she teaches and the sessions that she and her husband, Paul Marwood, offer through their business, Soul Genesis. They work internationally and locally and offer sessions at a distance as well as in person.

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