What is Solution Energy….and why does it matter?

S O L U T I O N  E N E R G Y

Have you heard about this Universal Truth? It is a game changer. In fact, it’s a LIFE CHANGER…literally. Solution Energy is a powerful, transforming, energy opening concept and flow that has changed my life…and countless others across the planet.

Here is what it is in a nutshell: “THERE IS A SOLUTION TO EVERYTHING!”

Now, you may not be currently aware or tuned into what the exact solution is that you need/require in your life right now, but there is a solution. There is always a solution.

Why is this true?

Because we live in a Unified Field. Life on our planet, which is part of the 3rd dimension, exists within all of creation. Creation is complete unto itself. Creation is a Unified Field. There is nothing outside of this Unified Field. It contains ALL. This means that we cannot have a problem, conundrum, or experience that does not have a solution to it existing in the Unified Field. The reality is that the solution we need/desire may be out there in the Unified Field, but we may not be connected with it…yet. But… Knowing that there IS a solution is the first step in magnetizing it towards you in a meaningful way.

How can you use this idea to shift your life?

When you find yourself “in a pickle”, an uncomfortable experience or stuck in lack of knowing, opening your awareness to the idea and the possibility of Solution Energy allows your mind, emotions, thoughts and experiences to stay open to something beyond what you are currently aware of. Simply entertaining the idea of Solution Energy in the middle of a mystifying experience keeps your energy open! Opening to the possibility that there is a solution that you have not connected with yet, that will take you past your current experience, will allow you to stay open and aware of solutions that go beyond what you currently know or have experienced. It can take you beyond the well-meaning advice from others, what you read on the internet, and your deeper expectations about how life can show up for you!

Moving Beyond What You Know

Here is a big key to working with Solution Energy. Most of us are looking for answers & solutions within the field of information and experience we already know or are familiar with. We are filled with conclusions based on past experiences, current beliefs (both conscious & sub-conscious), and how we feel things “work” in this life. These conclusions could be based on what we would believe are the hard facts from experiences we’ve had, what happens to everyone else with the same experience, what our family & friends believe and a lot more. We can justify the “truth” based on the past and what is known to be true by most people and not look for any new outcomes. This keeps us stuck in the same energies, not seeing a way out or finding a new, dynamic, positive outcome. If all that were satisfying we would be comfortable and not seeking another solution, right? We would not feel stuck at all. We would find a way to adjust to or live with that reality. But this is not how we feel. We want a different outcome. We are seeking something new and different from the norm.  

Here’s how to begin this shift…

Begin working with Solution Energy by doing these steps:

  • Acknowledge how you are feeling and notice where you are feeling stuck.
  • Realize you want a concrete example or idea to shift your experience, and most likely you don’t have any idea on what way to turn nor how to move forward to create the change you wish.
  • Open your awareness to the idea that you live in a Unified Field: you cannot have an experience without the solution to it already existing and available to you.
  • Stay open. Stay curious. Expect the unknown and unexpected.
  • Notice: Notice all the ways you are receiving a response to your curiosity about a solution that you did not know of or were not aware of.
  • When you keep our mind, emotions and energies open to something new and different, trusting that there is a solution out there, then your energy field is open to NEW and DIFFERENT.
  • Your energy field being open to new input allows new energy & information to come in. (Important Note: When you are in conclusion that things need to be a certain way or only one outcome is acceptable, then your energy field closes down. You are not open to new input. New solutions simply cannot come into your experience!)
  • The solution can come to you in many, many ways. Here are just a few ways:
    • new advice from an old friend
    • research on the internet which gives you information you did not have before
    • your social media feed shows you just the thing you know that is aligned for you
    • you randomly run into a friend and they share an important nugget for you
    • you drive a different way home and see something new and different
    • you hear about a new healing modality or practitioner from a colleague who has had great success with them
    • an email hits your inbox and you decide to open that one instead of deleting it before reading (yes, we all do that in today’s world of an infinite # of emails arriving each & every day!)
    • and so much more!

Play with Solution Energy! It is here for you and takes you into a life where you learn to:

  • expect the best
  • love to be surprised
  • know that life is happening for you
  • have a positive outlook

Augment Solution Energy with the Universal Sphere®:

I augment my experience of Solution Energy, to quicken and magnify my entrainment to the Unified Field, with the Universal Sphere. The Universal Sphere allows me to expand my energy field and awareness quickly, and entrain to the Unified Field where I can tap into Solution Energy to vibrate in that place more easily. I can’t imagine my life without the Universal Truth of Solution Energy and the Universal Sphere to augment my experience of living in the Field of Infinite Possibilities!

Thanks for reading and please share your experiences in the comments section below as you play with Solution Energy and what transpires as a result!

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Holly Hawkins Marwood is a Co-Founder of the Universal Sphere® which is being taught around the world, changing people’s lives! She is the conscious channel for Ishtara who lovingly brought this to the world, through here, in 2011. Since then she and her husband, Paul, have been offering personal 1:1 sessions of the Universal Sphere® as well as teaching people all over the world to do the Universal Sphere for themselves, their family & friends and their clients!


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