What Do You Choose to Become?

Do you have lots of wonderful ideas about who you could be, who you would like to become, and envision a life of unlimited possibilities?  Yet, are you feeling that your life is unfulfilled or missing that “secret ingredient” to make it all fall into place? Do you feel thwarted in your desires by people, places or circumstances? When I do Akashic Record Readings for people one of the most prevalent questions is: What is my Life’s Purpose? The energy behind this wonderful question, each and every time it is asked, is the energy of dissatisfaction in one area or another of life.


Bottomless Pit

When we think and dream about our “ideal life” we can feel so daunted because we perceive ourselves as having so many issues, short-comings and foibles.  As we bravely dive into self-evaluation it seems that we are met with a bottomless pit of areas in need of transformation.  Who needs to feel that way?  Might as well continue moving through life and not address any of them! Right?

One Issue at a Time

One of the many things I have discovered working in the Akashic Records is that there are no quick and easy solutions for all of life’s issues all at once.  Much as we might like to have our Fairy Godmother wave her magic wand and have our life transformed all at once, it doesn’t seem to happen that way.  Life transforms one issue at a time, one life event at a time, or one self-discovery at a time and, most importantly, in exactly the right time…and not a moment before.  So, without waving a magic wand, wouldn’t you enjoy your life more if you could successfully understand, heal or transform yourself one issue at a time?  One event at a time?

Moving Closer to Your Ideal Life

In an Akashic Record reading you get to ask the questions that are most important to you at this moment in your life. You can dive into one, two or a few issues in one reading and the guidance you receive will allow you to move closer to that ideal life you find yourself seeking.  Because the reading is guided by your questions you choose the areas of your life that will be transforming.

What Do You Choose to Become?

In an Akashic Record reading you gain greater understanding about “what has happened to you” and free yourself from any restrictions, wounds and hurts.  You will be choosing to become……one question at a time in your Akashic Records.

You can choose to become and embody all that your dreams are made of as you open yourself up to the unconditional love & non-judgment in the field of the Akasha.

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