What Do Businesses, Houses and Animals Have in Common?

Did you know that your business, home and pets have something in common? They all have Akashic Records! “What!?!?”, you say. “How can my business, home or pet have an Akashic Record?” Yes, they all do and you can access the Akashic Records of them to find out more!

Akashic Records of Your Business
You can go into the Akashic Records of a business you own and you can get answers that can assist in:
• Guiding business decisions
• Bringing in more business
• Solving problems
• Finding new avenues for success
• Finding stuck areas and getting them unstuck!

Akashic Records of Your Home
Open the Akashic Records of your home to assist you in creating a living space that will positively support you in your life. Thinking about remodeling or redecorating? Ask in the Akashic Records about the best ideas, colors, layout and more! Have you been wondering about “strange” or “unusual” energy or feelings in one part of your home? Ask about it in the Akashic Records to find solutions to clear out the energy. You can also use the Akashic Records to assist you when deciding to buy or rent a home. If the home is on the market, then you can access its Akashic Records to get more information that can help you decide if it is the right place for you to live!

Akashic Records of Your Pets
Open the Akashic Records of your pets to find out more about who they are, what their needs are, and what makes them “tick”. Is your pet a rescue? You can open their records to better understand their past and the best ways you can understand and support them.
If your pet has unusual, quirky or annoying behaviors that you have not been able to understand or curtail you can go into their Akashic Records to understand more and get some clear communication between you and them!

Open Your Records too!
If you choose to go into the Akashic Records of your business, home or pet to get answers, find solutions and move in positive directions, it is also recommended to go into your own records about those same topics. It is interesting, and often fun, to see how the information from your own Akashic Records aligns with the records of your business, home or pet! The answers can be mutually supportive and when you combine the answers from your readings it can be even more powerful!

If you would like to have an Akashic Record reading about your business, home or pet(s) I invite you to contact me and I would be happy to assist you.

If you would like to learn to read the Akashic Records yourself, please contact me to find out about our upcoming training courses. I also invite you to watch this brief video about the Akashic Record courses I teach.

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