Want a Quick Fix?

Give it to me…NOW!
Just give me the answer! I want it to be clear, concise, easy and not require me to do anything! It does not matter that I have struggled with this issue for decades (or even lifetimes!), just tell it to me simply and concisely and make it go away!

Weary…oh so, weary
Sound familiar? We are all so weary from carrying our loads, trying to figure things out, saying affirmations, holding positive thoughts, forgiving everyone and their dog around us…..why? In the hope that we can finally find peace, joy, happiness, calmness or even….self-acceptance. Right?

Step by Step
It would be lovely to wave a magic wand and instantly make everything better leaving you feeling healed, forgiven, happy and living life from a place of joy and ease…however, the spiritual path, although filled will untold numbers of miracles, often happens step by step, event by event, revelation by revelation.

* POOF *
If I were to tell you that you could begin a spiritual path or journey today, spend a short hour in a practice and then POOF you would achieve enlightenment, you would call me a scam artist, crazy or simply walk away shaking your head grateful you were not the sucker who bought into it, right?

“No Promises or Guarantees”
There are no quick fixes on this spiritual journey we call Life…we came to experience, learn and grow. If there are no quick fixes, then what am I getting at in this blog, you ask?

I cannot promise you any miracles, quick fixes or instant solutions, but….

What Can I Offer?
What I can offer you is the opportunity to take your everyday concerns (nothing lofty or grandiose), bring them into your Akashic Records and find out what your Soul-Level insight reveals to you about what you are asking at this moment in time.

Unconditionally Loving Point of View
What I can also offer is the opportunity to connect to your level of Soul-Level Truth that resides in the unconditionally loving, non-judgmental space of your Akashic Records.

What if…
What if you could understand more about your issues and concerns from a point of view that was loving and non-judgmental? What if you could experience the goodness of who you are and not feel wronged or criticized for not doing it “right”? What if you could connect with a different point of view…one that you had not considered before and one that enlivened you and helped you see that you are GREAT?

The Good Stuff too
The Akashic Records are a vast expanse of our Soul’s experiences over time. It contains ALL of it…not just the “bad” stuff, but all the GOOD stuff as well; where we got it right, succeeded, thrived, experienced happiness and joy and “all was right with the world”.

And in connecting with those “right” aspects of ourselves we can connect to a greater level of peace, joy and happiness without needing to go digging for more “blocks” or brokenness.

I like that. I like to discover and connect to all the good and Thrive in it!

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