Tune up your life with the 111® Activation

I am in deep gratitude for receiving my 111® Activation twelve months ago. It has made such a difference to me and my life, I am drawn to share with as many people as possible the benefits of receiving this experience.

Taking Care of Ourselves

We live in a world of SELL! SELL! SELL! And most people’s reply is “What is in it for me?”

We accept spending $500, and upwards, simply servicing our car and $1000 or more going to the dentist, with very little hesitation.
But what about taking care of ourselves in our entirety, at our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels?

How Much is our Health and Spiritual Growth worth?

We are holistic beings with physical and light bodies. If we want to discover ourselves and work on ourselves to become more authentic, we would spend $1000’s and months of time going to a monastery, or ashram, or seek counseling or find a quiet place in nature away from the hustle and bustle of life to meditate. Then we mediate, raise our frequency and work on holding more light. For in holding more light we raise our frequency and this raising of our frequency moves us to higher realms, dimensions and a greater connection to source.

Something that is easy and can really help us.

What would you say if in this time of 2012 and beyond where so much is changing, you have the opportunity to move forward in your path of spiritual development, move forward to being more authentic, move forward on your path of Ascension?

The Benefits

The 111 Activation is one of these gifts. Many, people have received the 111 Activation all around the world and here is what most people are experiencing within weeks of receiving their 111 Activation.

  • Intuition
  • Clarity
  • Self-awareness
  • Communication with Guidance
  • Motivated to speak one’s truth more freely
  • Becoming more authentic
  • Greater ease in release of old patterns
  • Expansion of creativity
  • Cleansing and Clearing
  • Higher level perspective
  • More synchronicities
  • We “Lighten Up”

The 111 Activation

The 111 Activation is done either in person or remotely in less than an hour without drugs or machinery. So while your car is getting a tune up, why don’t you get a tune up as well? For $111 the benefits certainly outweigh the cost and unlike your car’s service, you won’t need to get another 111 Activation after 5000 miles, you have it for life!!

Read more about the 111 Activation and the Universal Sphere® or speak to Paul Marwood (760 803 2338) or Holly Hawkins Marwood (760 803 4297), and we would be happy to answer your questions.

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