We all have our own version of the truth that is true to us.
However, if you want to move forward in your true Authenticity, I guide you to “LOOK WITHIN” to your HEART to find the “REAL TRUTH”.


I already know the truth

OK, so some might say, “But I already know the truth!” So let me lovingly get to the point. As you move forward in your life, to do so with a greater connection to your higher self, you must process all that is around you through your HEART. Your HEART will never lie to you or give you a “Bum Steer”. As will be more widely understood in the future, your HEART/SOUL has far greater knowledge and intelligence than your conscious mind can currently grasp, however the way to access this knowledge and intelligence is to talk to your HEART through your feelings.

How to discern the TRUTH

What I mean by this is that if someone is talking to you about something, while they are doing so check in with your HEART. Does what you are hearing make you feel good? This can be applied to all conversations, even if the conversation is about a serious matter, business topic or something you need to do or address. With practice you will be able to instantly discern if this information or conversation is true, correct, and appropriate for you.

How to get a clear Yes or No from your HEART

Experiment with this for yourself. You will usually feel an expanded, or warm, or happy feeling in your heart for a Yes, or a chill all over for a big YES!

Alternatively a feeling of gentle constriction, or a gentle compressed feeling, or a feeling of subtle tension in your heart for a No.
Remember this is all about FEELING. You can also ask yourself a question and feel the answer Yes or No. If you have two choices you can say each one to yourself and feel which one gives you a better feeling.

I encourage you to send in comments as to what you have found works well for you, so that you can share this with others to help them to find their TRUTH.

Becoming Authentic

This method will help you to find the TRUTH in all that is around you and the REAL TRUTH about what you hear and see. Then you can move forward in your life in your authenticity, making decisions and doing all manner of things that are right for you. The 111™ Activation also helps you to easily move to a place of greater inner clarity, Authenticity, increased ability to connect with inner guidance as well as your guides. All of this allows you to feel, and understand the TRUTH for you to allow you to move forward in your life with greater ease and clarity. Doing what is ultimately right for you.


If you are interested to learn more about this or the 111™ Activation please contact myself Paul on or +1 (760) 803-2338 or my wife Holly on

With all my love and blessings

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