Trust Expands

Trust Expands

Welcome to today’s Monday Messages from the Akash, channeled by Holly for all of you.

Trust Expands

“Today, in this moment, you are invited to open your heart and awareness to the expansion of Trust. Invite the energy of Trust to flow into every aspect of your life: your mind, your feelings, your awareness, your body. See that a deep and abiding Trust does not need to be earned or proven first. Trust is an energetic vibration that you can invite into your experience of life.

Begin by recognizing the things, people, and experiences in your life that you can Trust now, in this moment. Include the Trust you already have for yourself in your recognition, if you can! Pay attention to what feels easy to Trust. Spend some moments breathing into that awareness and then open to the feeling of Gratitude for the Trust that already exists in your life. No matter what you discover, large or small, you will certainly find an area of your life that you can acknowledge Trust already existing. Focusing on this level of Trust is expands the vibration of Trust in your life.

Once you have begun discovering Trust, open to more, with a question, “What else can I Trust in the same way?”. You may have an answer pop up right away, which is great. Otherwise, simply let the question percolate inside you. Answers to these energy-shifting questions do not require a quick answer.

The responses to these questions create an expansion in your energy field and an openness to discover might already be in your life, but unrecognized!

The final step of today’s message is focused on you alone. What can you Trust about yourself? How can you expand your deep Trust in you: trusting how you feel, trusting you know the right actions, trusting you always show up for yourself in the right and correct way, trusting you can follow through, trusting you are aligned with your Truth, etc?

If you’re not sure how to Trust yourself, then go back to using questions again, “How can I Trust myself to be in this moment?” “How can I Trust myself more today?” As you expand with the questions related to discovering your own Trust you will begin to see it. You may notice it immediately or you may see it quietly sneak up on you as a result of your questions!

Expanding the energy of Trust in the experience of your life keeps you positive, buoyant and responsive to an ever-changing world. See Trust as an energy field first, then you will discover it in your life and the world around you!”

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Holly Hawkins Marwood is an International Akashic Records Instructor and Reader who is passionate about sharing the gifts and benefits of the Akashic Records with the world. She believes that everyone should know how to use this incomparable resource to help them manifest the life of their dreams. You can read more about the classes she teaches and the sessions that she and her husband, Paul Marwood, offer through their business, Soul Genesis. They work internationally and locally and offer sessions at a distance as well as in person.

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