The Universal Sphere™ – Helping you to live a Heart-Centered life

Heart-Centered Living

What is the primary focus in all that we do in our lives?

To give love, receive love and be happy.
If you take a moment to review the main things that you have done in your life, at least one of the three above is most likely the driving force behind those choices and actions. Even if you make choices to make a lot of money, the driving force there is to accumulate wealth and you hope it will generate happiness.

What makes true happiness?

Take a moment to think of when you felt you were truly happy, happy to your core.

    Were you in love with someone?
    Were you sharing that special moment with an animal?
    Were you in an amazing place in nature?
    Were you actually doing something that you always dreamed about doing?

Have you ever noticed that when an event or action has a heart connection our sense of fulfillment is there? However, if an event is something that is driven by our mind or ego, and the satisfaction comes because of an external outcome or event, then the joy and happiness are usually short lived, and the happiness has an empty or shallow feeling.

Living a heart-centered life

When you live a heart-centered life almost everything you do brings you joy. Your heart guides you to people, places, and events that resonate with you. You find your life has more meaning and purpose. There is less judgment of the people, places and events around you, and you feel more complete within yourself.

How can the Universal Sphere™ help me?

The Universal Sphere™ is a 30-minute transformational experience in which an energetic connection is made between your human heart and the Heart of the Universe. It allows you the opportunity to interact with the “Perfect Resonance” of the Universe, which is also your human essence in its perfection; it is the inherent vibration of your heart. This experience is done without touching you while you relax. Being relaxed allows you a greater level of experiencing the frequency of the Perfect Universal Resonance. You have the opportunity to feel the peace, feel that wonderful feeling of being connected to who you really are as your divine self, that feeling of unconditional love that nothing can touch or blemish. It is important to note that the Universal Sphere can be done just as effectively in person or at a distance, so you don’t need to live in or near Escondido, California. In fact, most of our clients are international.

When you interact with the “Perfect Universal Resonance,” it will have an affect on you that is as individual as you are. Some people are aware of shifts immediately, some notice these over time, and some notice these after several Universal Sphere sessions.

How many of us spend time and money chasing happiness, when tools like the Universal Sphere are here to help you shift, with the potential to make changes to a happier life, whatever that life may be.

For more information or to book your Universal Sphere contact
Paul Marwood on 760 803 2338 or
Holly Marwood on 760 803 4297

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  1. Holly on July 10, 2012 at 12:55 am said:

    I am so awed by the experience of the Universal Sphere! It brings be back into a place of balance, calmness, clarity unlike anything I have ever experienced before. It is a blessing to be part of bringing this gift to the planet I would love to share this with as many as I can!

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