The Pace of Your Breath is the Pace of Your Life

Welcome to today’s Monday Messages from the Akash, channeled by Holly for all of you.

The Pace of Your Breath is the Pace of Your Life

“Take time today, and every day, to slow down and breathe deeply. No matter where you are you can find a few moments to close your eyes down, center into yourself and choose to breathe.
Slowly breathe in through your nose, with your lips together. Notice your body’s response to the air flowing in. Feel your chest rise and your lower belly expand. Hold your breath in just for a moment and then slowly release your breath. Again, notice your body’s response to the air flowing out. Feeling your abdomen gently move inward and your chest lowering. Notice also that your breaths become longer and deeper the more you relax into the experience.
Do this again. And again. Follow your breath for a few minutes each and every day.
This will shift your mind and body into greater present moment awareness. You will be able to release stress, feel clearer and more responsive to life happening around you. Your physiology will shift. Your brain chemistry will shift.
Breathing in this manner brings you into the NOW. Just NOW. Not the past that feels like it is haunting you, nor into the future that is not yet here. As you have heard many times before the past is in the past. Replaying it can create stress and expectations that are not in your present moment. The future is not here now, let it unfold.
Breathing brings you into a state of being in a more relaxed, centered and peaceful moment in this Now, which means that you create a future…your future…that can exist in the same energy: relaxed, centered and peaceful.
Do what you can now to cultivate this as a regular part of each and every day. Multiple times a day. With regular practice you will experience that the pace of your life follows the pace of your breath.
You are Blessed.”

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