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9th January 2015

Channeled by Paul Marwood
Transcribed by Paul Marwood
Romanian Translation, thank you Monica
Spanish Translation, thank you Gustavo and Luisa.

“Greetings Beloveds

We are here to talk to you today about the consciousness on your planet, and how that consciousness ties intimately into the consciousness of the galaxy and this universe, for we are all connected in one form or another. This world as you see it in its physical form is one of the lower denser frequencies, and this life that you have created (when we say you, we are referring to the humanity of this planet earth).

The reality you’ve created is somewhat separate from what is really happening out there. You have created for yourselves a level of separation from your divine essence, that which makes you up, that which animates you, that which is everlasting. Now in these cycles of life as they have unfolded in this linear timeline, your experience here, the earth events that have taken place have created a greater and greater separation from that inner essence, largely to control the masses.

This is and has been shown to be the end result of the functioning of the ego, but now we are in a time of change, a change to move away from this ego, for it is still a part of you, the move is to a greater level of connection to your divine essence which as you will find out shifts many of your perspectives.

Much of what you view as unimportant at this time will become more important as you grow in your connection with your higher consciousness, and we are witnessing this now with many on your planet, and we want you to know that we are here in full support. Many of our ships are in orbit of this beautiful planet; we are constantly working with those that choose to work with us, and energetically assisting all that are here on this planet within the bounds of the galactic laws that we are allowed to.

Know that we do not see you as separate to ourselves, you are like our brethren and we yours. Many of you have journeyed together with us in earlier lifetimes, many of you have worked with us and then chosen to further that work down on this beautiful planet, to bring forth the knowledge that you have, to create shifts, to make known the unknown as it exists on your planet, to start to unravel the joys the gifts, the wondrousness of what is available to you at higher levels of consciousness and in the higher dimensions, while also being able to experience that which is in the density of this physical dimension, for that is also an experience.

For those of you that are feeling the shift, the shift in how you feel within yourselves, a shift in what you are drawn to, a lessening of the attraction to material items, the suggestive propaganda of your media systems, and that which is not in alignment with you, who you are and where your at currently in your lifecycle.

And as you are feeling these shifts and many of you may not quite understand why you are feeling the shifts, we will elaborate on this more in future messages, but for now let’s simply say that as you a being exposed to higher frequencies, greater levels of love, that which you have not experienced before in this plane of existence on this beautiful earth, you are opening up to the concept of higher consciousness, a greater connection to your divine essence, that presence which is able to connect, see and understand much more than the consciousness that exists in your physical bodies.

We want to encourage you to follow these ideas, inklings, think about and explore where these feelings guide you. Allow like a child to play with some of these ideas and feelings and experiences, not to take them too seriously. From the seriousness, the mind has an opportunity to come back into the equation and start to analyze, and in this case the analysis is not able to clearly understand the scope of what’s really happening, so as you see it’s not (as you would say in your scientific world a valid analysis).

It is best to allow an openness in yourself, enjoy fun playing and in this joy, fun and playing and openness, you remain open to greater levels of information feelings experiences, and events that the universe can bring into your life and your experiences to allow you to experience more, for what is happening right now is a more of everything.

You may start to experience more colors, sounds, sense smells you may have never sensed before, you may start to feel the messages of your guides, the Angels, beings around you. You may suddenly start to sense and feel their love and support, this is a good thing for you’re not alone, you never have been and never will be.

We are all in support of each other, for there is no true separateness and for those of you that are concerned that you may lose your identity, let me guide you that, that is not going to happen, for you are unique, you are a unique Soul. You are here with your own experiences and your own interpretation of those experiences, and in that form you are able to see, learn, and express what you experience and learn in your individual form, and then choose to share what you choose to share with the greater consciousness.

Also when you need to draw information in, you can request that of the greater consciousness, so that the information, should it be known, can be brought forward, again all things working in unison for the greater good of all. We encourage you to explore those feelings of connecting to more, allow time in your day to be quiet, peaceful and connected to yourself, feel and enjoy that quiet, loving peaceful connection, that space that you create when you are more in connection with your higher self.

You will know that by just how you feel, and you will also know it when the mind comes in with things, questions, jobs that you have to do, people you need to speak to. Those are all activities of your physical body mind, love it, but allow it to step aside in this place, for your connection to your higher self is important at this time, and as you enjoy this time allow it to extend out further and further into your day.

Whether you are sitting meditating, or still carrying out your day. Allow that “tuning in” to become the greater and greater part of the day.

I am Lord Arcturus, and we are the Arcturians.

Be blessed dear ones.

© 2015 Copyright Paul Marwood
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Author: Paul Marwood 

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