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Ishtara- Making Profound Personal Change

  Please click on the video above to watch it. In this video Holly Hawkins Marwood channels Ishtara and talks about how to use your energy to make profound personal change. In this time of change and concern, you may be feeling stuck and wondering whats my role in this change? She explains a way

The Universal Sphere – Solutions in your life.

  In this video Paul Marwood interviews Holly Hawkins Marwood where she shares how the Universal Sphere® as being a major tool in her daily life. She talks about Solution energy and how this can help us bring new solutions to those problems we don’t have answers for. Having faith that a solution is always

High Council of Orion – WHAT ARE THE ACTIVATIONS? – 2nd Feb 2014

Please use the audio player above to play or download the audio version of this channeling. Sign up for High Council of Orion weekly messages. We will also keep you informed of live Q & A events and specials. WHAT ARE THE ACTIVATIONS CHANNELED ASCENSION MESSAGE FROM THE HIGH COUNCIL OF ORION 2nd February 2014

Channeled Message – Archangel Michael – Raphael – October 2012

Please use the audio player above to listen to this channeling.   Through Holly Marwood Archangel Michael and Archangel Raphael share with us beautiful words. Archangel Michael guides us to tuning in to the great being of light that we are, tuning into our essence, the joy and our being. These inspirational words guide the

How to Get the Muggles in the Door! …or how to have a thriving practice when you do “woo woo” work!

You are NOT Part of the Mainstream Let’s face it. For those of us who have been called into the world of energetic healing and transformation we are not part of the mainstream. Come on, you know who you are! Admit it.  You are the ones who regularly use the words: transformation, energetic healing, distance

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