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How to Get the Muggles in the Door! …or how to have a thriving practice when you do “woo woo” work!

You are NOT Part of the Mainstream Let’s face it. For those of us who have been called into the world of energetic healing and transformation we are not part of the mainstream. Come on, you know who you are! Admit it.  You are the ones who regularly use the words: transformation, energetic healing, distance

Changing Your Experience of Life

Who Cares about Transformation and Evolution? The world in which I live, the world of healing, transformation, and evolution, is one that so easily gets lofty and esoteric in the way it is explained that most people will just scratch their heads, look away or change the subject! Of course they do! I don’t blame

Take the Oxygen Mask for Yourself First

What I have been learning recently is the value of taking care of myself before I take care of others or before I attend to the duties and responsibilities of my life on a daily basis. Life’s Recent Challenges I won’t kid you to think my life has felt easy, smooth, or free from inner

What is Ascension?

What is Ascension? Ascension is a natural cycle within creation of rising and falling energies; “higher” and “lower” times in our creation’s history. Historically, in order to ascend, humanity needed to go through a “death/rebirth” cycle. It would mean that the world as it was known would be destroyed, one way or another, to then

Healing From The Old and Moving to a New and Better Life

Leading Up to the Change For 17 years I was the owner of my own successful Control System Engineering Company, based in Perth, Western Australia. I had the most amazing, dedicated and talented staff. We were all doing what we loved, and we were good at it. However after twelve years of doing this, my

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