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Opening Earth’s Akashic Records

Celebrating Gaia on Earth Day? Did you know that Gaia, our incredible planet, has an Akashic Record….and you can open her records? Yes, she does!  And, yes, you can! With today being Earth Day there is greater focus on this planet we live on, what is going on with her, if we are supporting her

Akashic Records Courses

Akashic Records Certification Courses

Inquiring Minds are Asking….. What Akashic Records Certification courses do you teach and how do I know which one to take? Wonder no more! I offer three separate Akashic Records Certification Courses. Each one is a powerful, inspiring dive into the Akashic Records. Please watch the video to find out about each one so you

What’s The Difference? 2 Akashic Records Courses

I am often asked… What’s the difference between the “Beginning” and the “Advanced” Akashic Records Certification courses? AND do I have to take the Beginning Course before the Advanced Course? Here is the answer you have all been on the edge of your seat waiting for! (LOL!) To begin with, both of these two courses

Earth Day and the Akashic Records

Dive deeper into honoring Earth Day using the Akashic Records.

Three Secrets to Unlocking Ease in the Akashic Records

You took the Beginning Akashic Records course. You connected. You overcame your fears. You probably even said to yourself “YES! I got this…I can do this!” You left the class feeling uplifted, confident and excited to go forth and read the Akashic Records. You might have even thought you were going to save the world

What Do You Choose to Become?

Do you have lots of wonderful ideas about who you could be, who you would like to become, and envision a life of unlimited possibilities?  Yet, are you feeling that your life is unfulfilled or missing that “secret ingredient” to make it all fall into place? Do you feel thwarted in your desires by people,

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