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111™Activation & The Reconnection®: Which One is Better?

Not Just Either/Or…How about MORE?!?! As a Lightworker, the scope of my work has grown and expanded to include MORE. What is beautiful about being in a place of MORE means I do not have to be in the place of EITHER/OR! Unlimited Universe The Universe is infinitely abundant and unlimited so there will always

Inquiring Minds Want to Know: What are the Akashic Records?

Can You Tell Me What They Are in Less Than 3 Minutes? Why Yes, I Can! These days many people are curious about the Akashic Records: What are they? How do you access the records? and How can they help you? I invite you to watch my latest video that summarizes the Akashic Records and

Is Fido Feisty? Is Mittens Miffed?

                        Using the Universal Sphere for your Beloved Pets Not Feeling Well? Our pets are like our children. We love them, nurture them, and happily receive their unconditional love. So, when they are not feeling well, acting out, or we see a shift in their behavior we can become concerned about what is going on with

Should I Stay? or Should I Go?

Aside from being lyrics to the 80’s hit song, these are NOT the best kinds of questions to ask in your Akashic Record Reading! Why? Because you are asking a Yes or No question! Imagine you are seeking direction for a very important aspect of your life and you bring it to your Akashic Record

Changing Your Experience of Life

Who Cares about Transformation and Evolution? The world in which I live, the world of healing, transformation, and evolution, is one that so easily gets lofty and esoteric in the way it is explained that most people will just scratch their heads, look away or change the subject! Of course they do! I don’t blame

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