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Opening Earth’s Akashic Records

Celebrating Gaia on Earth Day? Did you know that Gaia, our incredible planet, has an Akashic Record….and you can open her records? Yes, she does!  And, yes, you can! With today being Earth Day there is greater focus on this planet we live on, what is going on with her, if we are supporting her

Life Acceleration in the Akashic Records

Life Acceleration? Really? Who needs that? Funny topic, is it not, since LIFE seems to keep going faster and faster and it feels harder and harder to keep up with it all. Right? Finding the Sweet Spot on the Other Side What I am referring to is not the break-neck pace at which you are

Three Secrets to Unlocking Ease in the Akashic Records

You took the Beginning Akashic Records course. You connected. You overcame your fears. You probably even said to yourself “YES! I got this…I can do this!” You left the class feeling uplifted, confident and excited to go forth and read the Akashic Records. You might have even thought you were going to save the world

What Do You Choose to Become?

Do you have lots of wonderful ideas about who you could be, who you would like to become, and envision a life of unlimited possibilities?  Yet, are you feeling that your life is unfulfilled or missing that “secret ingredient” to make it all fall into place? Do you feel thwarted in your desires by people,

Akashic Records: Breakfast of Champions

Beginning My Day One of my favorite ways to begin each day is in my Akashic Records. With a hot mug of tea in hand, a copy of the Pathway Prayer and my current Akashic Journal I venture into this incredible space of unconditional love and acceptance. No matter how I feel about my day

What Do Businesses, Houses and Animals Have in Common?

Did you know that your business, home and pets have something in common? They all have Akashic Records! “What!?!?”, you say. “How can my business, home or pet have an Akashic Record?” Yes, they all do and you can access the Akashic Records of them to find out more! Akashic Records of Your Business You

Dr. Doolittle? Yes, You Can Speak to the Animals!

Learn to Communicate with Your Furry & Feathered Loves Ones Do your “kids” have fur, feathers or scales? Do they walk on four feet instead of two? Is your “significant other” is your dog, cat, hamster, parakeet, iguana or even hermit crab? You can easily communicate with them in truly meaningful ways! Get Answers to

111™Activation & The Reconnection®: Which One is Better?

Not Just Either/Or…How about MORE?!?! As a Lightworker, the scope of my work has grown and expanded to include MORE. What is beautiful about being in a place of MORE means I do not have to be in the place of EITHER/OR! Unlimited Universe The Universe is infinitely abundant and unlimited so there will always

Inquiring Minds Want to Know: What are the Akashic Records?

Can You Tell Me What They Are in Less Than 3 Minutes? Why Yes, I Can! These days many people are curious about the Akashic Records: What are they? How do you access the records? and How can they help you? I invite you to watch my latest video that summarizes the Akashic Records and

Testimonial Universal Sphere™ – Opening my Heart-Space is a doorway to Source

As the session got going, I saw a vision of the top part of my head opened up and a spinning wheel of recoding of the DNA…then, an ankh drawn on my forehead! Next, I saw a rod through my whole body with these spinning fins/paddles going round and round and at some point, I

Is Fido Feisty? Is Mittens Miffed?

                        Using the Universal Sphere for your Beloved Pets Not Feeling Well? Our pets are like our children. We love them, nurture them, and happily receive their unconditional love. So, when they are not feeling well, acting out, or we see a shift in their behavior we can become concerned about what is going on with

Living Fully with the Akashic Records

“Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive and go do it. Because what the world needs is more people who have come alive” – Howard Thurman Living Fully is a Dream We All Share Living Fully is a dream all of us have; each having a different definition of what

Testimonial: 111™ Activation and Universal Sphere™ – Balanced power, love and understanding.

Testimonial from CM’s client: I swapped a session with a friend in Germany. She did a RH session with me, I did the Universal Sphere™ and 111™ Activation with her. She’s very tuned into the world of energy, and here’s her description of what she found in my energy field: “it was sooo special, I

Testimonial:111™ Activation Testimonial – Life Expansion

Testimonial from SL’s client: After exploring the 111 Activation on the 1150 KKNW website I decided to give it a try. This beautiful session was more than I expected…it felt both peaceful and light. During the session I felt the cooling sensation of energy shifting in my body. I felt a lightness upon leaving that

Testimonial: Akashic Record Readings Bring Insight and Clarity into your Life!

While the words “Akashic Records” sound mysterious and otherworldly, the information that each person receives is so perfectly tailored and practical! Here is what one recent client had to say after her Akashic Record Reading: “Thank you Holly for your time and energy in providing me clarity, insight and healing during my Akashic Record Reading

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