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111 Activation – Clarity, Alignment, Authenticity, Wisdom and a Better Life

111 Activation bringing you to a greater level of Clarity Alignment and Authenticity with who you are. If you were to stand in front of two doors: one door labeled “HAPPINESS” and the other door labeled “FRUSTRATION”, which door would you choose? Of course, everyone would choose the Happiness door. The reality is that at

The Universal Sphere™ – Helping you to live a Heart-Centered life

What is the primary focus in all that we do in our lives? To give love, receive love and be happy. If you take a moment to review the main things that you have done in your life, at least one of the three above is most likely the driving force behind those choices and

Using The Reconnection™ to help you with your New Years Resolutions

As you know, we all make New Year’s Resolutions. We delve into our hearts and see what it is that we would most like to be and say “This is my New Year’s Resolution!” Good Intent! It is that beautiful striving dream to become a better person today than you were yesterday. You always make

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