Solutions When You Feel Stuck – Ishtara

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In this video Holly Hawkins Marwood channels Ishtara.

Solutions When You Feel Stuck!

“Greetings Great Beings of Light. My name is Ishtara.

Let’s get basic, simple and expansive all at the same time!

You exist in a field of Solution Energy.

In your human form you are experiencing all that 3D/4D has to offer! Yes, you are in a field of duality and you will experience the ups and downs and the highs and lows of 3D. That is part of coming to this dimension.

However, one of the profound ways to grow and transcend the impact of 3D duality is to understand that it is not everything. 3D/4D exists as a subset of a Unified Field! 3D is a subset of a much larger (infinitely larger) field that contains more than one can imagine.

The most important concept relative to this message is that in the Unified Field there is a Solution to Everything. This is Solution Energy!

You may be in a moment where you are not clear and don’t feel as if you are connecting to the solutions you need, however, it simply means you have not connected with the solution…yet. There IS a solution!

Most of the time you seek solutions from the information you already know: from your life’s database. Most of the time that may give you all that you need. However, when you are seeking a new experience, a different outcome or you are stuck you want to find a new solution: one that you might not even know was a possibility!

In the Unified Field, of which 3D is a subset, you cannot have any issue that does not have a solution. It is an impossibility! Opening your energetic body first, then your energetic awareness opens you to solutions that can come out of nowhere, surprise you because you did not know that solution was possible, and increase your sensitivity to new options in your life!

How can you connect with a good solution if you don’t know what it is?

Begin by opening up to the energy and the possibility that “There is a solution I just haven’t connected with yet”. This allows your energy field up to open up, move into a space where you are open to outcomes and solutions you aren’t aware of, and you can feel hopeful that there is a solution.

Try that out for a moment. Consider some area in your life where you feel stuck or need a new solution where you can feel comfortable. You may feel mystified, frustrated, or even defeated about this. Notice how you are feeling. Now begin saying to yourself “There IS a solution to this. I just haven’t connected with it yet.” You don’t need to have an immediate answer or response. Just keep holding the awareness of Solution Energy, affirm that there is a solution and open yourself up to the unlimited number of ways that the response could come to you.

The response could be in a way that you might expect, or it may come in to you in a very unexpected way! Try to stay out of conclusions about how the solution needs to show up. Afterall, you are opening up to the vastness of the Unified Field. There are an infinite number of ways that Solution Energy Abounds!

Try this out with the areas you feel stuck and see what happens. You will be pleasantly surprised, feel empowered and will want to play with Solution Energy over and over again until it becomes a natural part of your life!

I am with you now and always. My name is Ishtara.”

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Channel: Holly Hawkins Marwood
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