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Do you ever feel the onslaught of everyone trying to get your attention these days? There is so much out there that is super helpful in supporting us on our path, wouldn’t you agree? And with our access to information being deep and wide it is often hard to know what is best to choose to do, experience, learn, commit to…at least I know this is true for me!

I honestly feel this way because you never know if what people are sharing is true, real, and repeatable (meaning it will work for you as well!) or just lingo from their “marketing people”.

I Want You To Know About This

Honestly, I really want you to know about the amazing benefits of learning to do the Universal Sphere® and at the same time I know that my choice of words…those spicy adjectives to capture your attention…are a dime a dozen out in the world these days.

Don’t Take Our Word for It
Instead of throwing all those fancy “marketing lingo” words at you I wanted to take a moment to share what others have experienced. Don’t take my word for it. Don’t take Paul’s word for it. After all, we know the Universal Sphere inside and out. It came through me. Paul was there from the first moment it was channeled through. You could say we “drank the kool aid” already!

They Chose to Say Yes
But others were not there in the beginning. They chose to say yes, take the short class, and then they have used it, played with it, done it for others like their beloved family and friends, they have helped their pets with it, and many more ways than I can share in a message to you.

Read What Others Have Said

So, don’t take my word for it. Don’t take Paul’s word for it. Read what others have experienced with this Universal Sphere. Click on the button above to read some of the stories we get flowing into our inboxes from people, just like you, who have taken the Universal Sphere workshop.

Universal Sphere Paul600
Learn the Universal Sphere from the comfort of your home in just 4 hours on

Sunday, September 18th, 2016
1pm – 5pm (PDT Pacific Time)

Attend this workshop for yourself if you are new to healing and energy work.
If you are already a healer add it to the professional paid services you offer.
Yes, this modality is a paradigm shifter, and you can learn it in 4 hours.
Click on this button to learn more about the workshop.



  1. annette Angell on July 25, 2016 at 4:49 pm said:

    Hullo Paul and holly – what time would this be in AustraliAustralia for your universal sphere course – Annette

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