You Don’t Need to Be Perfect to Pursue Your Dreams

This is so important:

You Don’t Need to Be Perfect to Pursue Your Dreams.

Does this sound familiar? Have you been waiting to feel “perfect” in all the ways in order to go for what you truly desire in life?

  • Have you felt that you might not have what it takes to get to your dreams…
    maybe you don’t have enough natural talent….
  • perhaps you lack the will or the drive to really manifest your desires….
    You may see limitations in your current life situation that you believe will keep you from moving towards your visions.
  • You might see all sorts of obstacles: money, skills, education, connections, looks, your background, your family, location…and on and on.
  • Perhaps you feel you lack the stamina, courage, faith or trust to really go all out towards your dreams.

Sound familiar? Even some of it?

Often these thoughts and beliefs prattle on in the background of our minds. Sometimes they are just below the level of our conscious mind, making them hard to detect with our conscious awareness. 

Our dreams could feel very real to us, yet we may doubt we can even get there. I’ve even had people express worry and concern about needing to come back again, for another lifetime, to complete what they know is deep in their heart!

Typically, we then dive deeply into the HEALING PATHWAY, right?

“I must HEAL the things that are keeping me from my dreams.”  “What is in my way and what needs healing?” “Do I have blocks? ”

“What are all the blocks?” 

After all, we believe that there must be blocks and things to heal if we are not firmly on the path of our desires!

Here’s another way…

Simply put, you do not need to heal “everything” (all those things you feel are in your way) you feel is keeping you from the life of your dreams.

Let me say this again….all those “things” do NOT need to be healed in order for you to move forward, embrace the life you desire and pursue your passions.  You can begin right where you are, right now!

Isn’t that great!?

By working in your Akashic Records you can create energetic change without the need to heal all the layers…here’s how you do this:

You can uncover and align with all the lifetimes where you embodied, or naturally had, those qualities you would like more of now.

This means you don’t need to be fully “healed,” or free from the limitations you feel are in your way right now.  Working in your Akashic Records allows you to expand the positive, expand your energy and awareness of times when you have mastered what you desire now!  The Akashic Records provides us access to these energies, qualities and potentials.

Follow this guided experience below, in your Akashic Records, to tap into the wisdom, knowledge, and experience from other lifetimes allowing you to embody more of those positive qualities in you’re here and now!

Go after this in your Akashic Records using this experience below. Get ready to open your Akashic Records and dive in!

  • Open your Akashic Records & Connect with your Masters, Teachers & Loved Ones (or whatever name you give to your guidance team in your records!)
  • Bring to mind and share with them what you see as your vision. Talk about how strongly you feel about that pathway being yours. Share all the details you are aware of at the moment. Go deeply into this aspect. It supports you and your vision.
  • Additionally, share with them your worries and concerns. Explain what you see as your limitations, blocks or insufficiencies. Feel free to share all your true feelings.
  • Notice how you are feeling as you speak to them about your vision and your feelings. You may feel a shift already!
  • Then, ask them to bring forward a lifetime when you had the qualities that you would need to bring all your visions to fruition now.
    • You may know those qualities: courage, clarity, determination, commitment, love, caring, vision, etc.
    • You may not be aware of the qualities you need at this moment in time, however you can ask them to bring them forward anyway. Be open to what you know and what you may not know!
  • Allow a clear picture of who you were (or will be) to come forward in your mind’s eye. You may not specifically “see” something. It may be a feeling or a knowing.  Trust yourself even if you feel you are making it up.  You cannot make up anything that is not available to you, so trust in whatever you feel you are receiving.
  • Begin to connect with who you were in that time and place.
    • What did they accomplish?
    • Did they come in with all their qualities naturally or did they cultivate them?
    • Did they have to deal with objections or opposition in any way? How did they respond or deal with it?
    • What do they know that could assist you in being so strong in your self-confidence right now?
    • What advice might they be able to share with you that would add to your experience? Make it better for you now?
  • Ask them many questions.
  • You may or may not hear the responses as if someone is speaking to you.
    • You may feel you “just know” their response.
    • Trust what you are receiving.
    • If some questions do not feel as if they are getting any response, move onto the next.
  • Do as much as you can in one session in your records, then close your records.
  • Take notes or jot items down from the reading that you would like to capture or remember.
  • Allow the energy of the reading to be with you for a while. Give it a day or so. Notice any shifts you see bubbling up. You may notice you feel differently after your reading relative to moving more swiftly towards your vision.
  • Repeat this exercise as often as you wish taking any new awarenesses into your records to gather more information and/or support.

You can do this now, even if you believe you still have to heal. 
You don’t need to be perfect to pursue your dreams.  You are perfectly suited for your desires. 

Using the Akashic Records in this positive way enhances your potential of manifesting your all your dreams!

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Holly Hawkins Marwood is an International Akashic Records Instructor and Reader who is passionate about sharing the gifts and benefits of the Akashic Records with the world. She believes that everyone should know how to use this incomparable resource to help them manifest the life of their dreams. You can read more about the classes she teaches and the sessions that she and her husband, Paul Marwood, offer through their business, Soul Genesis. They work internationally and locally and offer sessions at a distance as well as in person.

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