Have you ever wondered to yourself how some people you know are so great with the energy of love?

You know the ones: they find love easily, everyone seems to love them, and they are quite comfortable with all of it.

Most of us have a great deal more challenge in the arena of LOVE. It can seem elusive, out of reach, and impossible to find…let alone impossible to hang onto even if you do find it!

There is a secret out there about love that is the key to everything and it is YOU!

No doubt you have heard all about how important it is to love yourself. You may even say in your head “blah, blah, blah” whenever you hear anyone bring up the subject of self-love. It is easy to talk about, BUT the million dollar question is: How in the world do you go about loving yourself?

If you’re like me (yes, I am a bit cynical at times!) you would also quietly say to yourself (in that voice that no one else can hear) “If I knew how to be wildly in love with myself, wouldn’t I be doing it already?”

Here’s the key

….which leads to the secret…about SELF-LOVE.

We truly don’t know how to do it!

Most of us have no clue in the world on how to evoke any sense of SELF-LOVE because we know how “imperfect” we are. We already know how we are not living up to our own expectations. This is so clear to all of us! So, with these imperfections, how in the world are you supposed to move into a space of LOVE for YOURSELF?

So, if we have no idea how to do this AND it is the key to our discovering a meaningful LOVE in our lives, then what do we do because it really seems futile to have this strong draw to LOVE, and yet feel it is out of our reach!

Of course, I have a solution that can help!

Join Paul & I on Saturday, February 23rd, 2019 at 5:00 pm PST to find out, and experience, how to connect with and expand your potential for MAGNETIC SELF-LOVE.

During this online webinar you will learn and experience:

  • Simple, yet practical, ways to shift into a field of SELF-LOVE
  • Group Universal Sphere® which will entrain you to the Unified Field with particular focus on a greater embodiment
    of SELF-LOVE
  • Live channeled message about SELF-LOVE as a magnetic attractor to the LOVE you are seeking
  • Question, Answers + Sharing

TO REGISTER, click the link below to receive the webinar log in details:

QUESTIONS?Please contact Paul

Holly Hawkins Marwood is the conscious channel for Ishtara, who brought to us the Universal Sphere®. The Universal Sphere is offered to people world-wide for 1:1 sessions and is taught online for those who wish to learn to work with and entrain to the Unified Field. People from all over the world have experienced the life-changing, personal empowerment tool of the Universal Sphere. Easy to learn, then use it for life!

Holly and her husband, Paul offer online courses and 1:1 sessions, locally & internationally, through their business, Soul Genesis.

© 2019 Copyright Holly Hawkins Marwood

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