Living Your Life In The Flow


Most of us wish we were “In the flow” all the time, our life is easy, what we desire just appears, and life is good to us.

While this may sound like a pipe dream, IT IS POSSIBLE, at least for the greater part, and I will share with you one of many ways you can achieve this.

Going Against The Flow

I’m sure you are familiar with the circumstance where someone or something has upset you and you get into that “funky space” in your head and emotions and then nothing else seems to go right that day.
Yet when you are in a calm, centered, higher consciousness frame of mind, you manifest and operate and perceive your experience of life from that better place, and your day, the events within it, and life just flows wonderfully well.

This is a clear example of how your conscious state affects your reality and how you perceive your reality.

Living in a Free Will Zone

On this beautiful planet in this reality, you live in a free will zone, and that means you get to choose at any moment of the day. You get to choose whether you are happy or sad, what you do, where you go and so much more. The truth is that for many of us when we say “Oh but I have to do THIS now!”
When you take a step back, no one or nothing is forcing you to do THAT something, it is actually your choice, however whether you like that choice or not is up to you.

Finding Clarity And Honestly Looking At Your Choices

While you are still in your physical day-to-day life, yet operating from this higher-level consciousness, at any moment in time you have greater clarity in what is right for you, or what is more aligned with you, and you see or are aware of more possibilities and solutions, and you are less impacted by your emotions.

When having a challenging time in your day, it is very helpful to stop what you are doing, take a slow deep breath, and take a moment to just “step back” from what you are doing and feeling, and if necessary take a few more deep breaths, then look at your situation through the eyes of your higher self, almost like looking at the situation through another person’s eyes.

Okay you say this is all well and good to write about, but how do I actually do this?

Elevating Your Consciousness to Higher Levels

Using the Universal Sphere® each of us can within minutes, move to a place of higher consciousness, to a place of embracing our multidimensional consciousness, and learn to operate in the field of infinite possibilities.

Even if you don’t fully understand your inner guidance in the moment, as the day unfolds you soon learn why you were guided in that particular and wonderful way. You begin to see and join up the dots throughout your day, the dots being the guidance from within and messages from the universe and life around you, in a multitude of forms, all guiding you in a direction or a decision.

It is in this place that you truly realize your Soul has your back, the universe has your back and everything is conspiring to help you, and from this awareness there is a greater level of ease within you in each and every moment.

It is my suggestion that you learn to do the Universal Sphere®, and spend 15 to 20 minutes each morning doing Universal Spheres for yourself, others, and planetary situations.

So how does this help me you say?

Well each time you do a Universal Sphere and are immersed in the “Perfect Universal Resonance,” your consciousness is being raised, and you are being reconnected with your multidimensional consciousness. Much like when you are reminded to do something and you forget and when you’re reminded again, then you do it and it sticks.

Remembering Who You Really Are

You are in a time of Ascension and this is a time of remembering, remembering that you truly are a divine being of light, with multidimensional consciousness. The old Piscean age of masculine domination, persecution, and constantly being put down and to hold you are worth nothing and to look up to others for your guidance, is ending. Those few on the planet which controlled everything are losing their control over you, each and every day.

As you wake up a little more and more each day, your inner guidance becomes clearer, you spend more time in your heart, connected to your higher self and inner guidance, and less time in your mind and ego manipulating yourself and others.

The Universal Sphere® is a channeled gift from the higher dimensions to help you now in this process of remembering the incredible divine being that you are and to:

  • Accelerate your progress in living in your fullest potential
  • Live with greater ease and grace
  • Manifest incredible things and experiences in to your life
  • Bring in Solution Energy into those times where you feel stuck, quickly removing that Stuckness
  • Live in the flow of you and your life more naturally
  • Be in a place where you see and self-realize how incredible you are, and how you are worthy of all that you desire.

By Paul Marwood


  1. What a great reminder! Funny thing–I just wrote a blog about my recent experience of confronting a situation with uncontrolled anger, then quickly seeing my behavior and backpedaling with an apology. It was an intense picture of how a simple misunderstanding can escalate into situation where violence is used as a solution. Whew! It’s good to see the light!! Thanks!

    I’m really looking forward to learning more about the Universal Sphere. See you on the 19th!

    • Sounds like the Universe is helping many of us on this subject at this time.

      Looking forward to having you in our Learn To Do the Universal Sphere® online workshop on May 19th.

      Have a great week Julia

      Love and Blessings

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