Journaling in Your Akashic Records

Question Everything…right?

Questions, questions, questions! This is how you typically get information when you go into your Akashic Records, right?

Ask Your Important Questions

You ask the questions that are most important to you because questions bring about answers and that is what you want! Today you might be all about relationship because your might feel as if it is imploding or stagnant. Next week all your questions might be about business and how to make it more vibrant, alive and prosperous. The questions you can ask are endless! And the answers help your mind make sense of it all.

You Want to Connect to a New Point of View

It all sounds great, right? Ask questions -> get answers. Easy! On the one hand it is that easy! Yet when you’re newer to the Akashic Records it can be challenging to feel that you are getting the “right” answers, or feel that you are not “making it up”. Yet, you know you want to connect with a new point of view, relief from your situation, healing…whatever it might be.

Don’t Feel Confident?

If you don’t feel confident that your questions will bring you the answers you are seeking…or at least not ones you feel you can trust yet, here is one great way I have found to get the energies flowing, moving, and shifting for you, especially if you feel stuck: Journaling.

Before you groan and feel as if you are back in high school or college with a dreaded English assignment, stick with me here.

Start By Opening Your Akashic Records

Open your Akashic Records. Once you are in there begin to recall, reflect and think about what it is you would like to ask about in your records. Bring to mind all the details: how you feel, what the history has been, who else is involved and your feelings about that person or people. Bring it all up.

Start Journaling About It

Then, instead of asking questions about it, begin to journal about it. Write it all out. Write out your feelings, the experiences, expectations, insights, consequences and anything else. You can set aside the idea that you are in your Akashic Records looking for answers while you do this. As you write freely, allowing anything to come up as you write, be open to new information. Be open to another point of view. Be open to a shift in your opinion or feelings. And… the same time be in the moment with the writing, not looking for any specific answer or solution in that moment.

This works! ..but How?

1. First of all, you are in your Akashic Records telling your story. Explaining your point of view and your experience. That is the beginning of the energy shift that is possible. Hint: we don’t always need answers to get the shift we are looking for!
2. As you are journaling you are opening yourself up to new energies which manifest as new awarenesses, Ah- Ha moments, seeing things from a new point of view, release of wounds that no longer serve you and a myriad of other outcomes.

Energy First, Information Second!

Remember, the first and foremost experience in the records is the ENERGY! From our human point of view we are always seeking answers to everything. But what is truly happening in your Akashic Records is that your energy is transforming while you are in there. AND the energy is what transforms us to the place we feel we had a “healing”, a “release” and “Ah-Ha” moment, a new realization or a time of forgiveness and gratitude. It is all about the energy.

Journal It All Out

So, one easy way to get the energy moving is by journaling it all out. While you are writing you might be surprised at the shifts you experience in the moment. Or you might get through your journaling experience, close your records and wonder if that made a difference at all. Remember that the shifts happen at the energetic level first…keep your awareness open in the hours and days that follow your journaling experience. Your energy shifts will be working their way into your ordinary consciousness…sometimes they need a bit of time. But trust that what you did with the journaling is significant.

And here is one more bonus:

Try journaling the same topic for many days in a row and watch your point of view shift and change as well! I have had great Ah-Ha moments doing this very thing.

Get a New One Just For You

If you love the idea of journaling while in your Akashic Records, my suggestion is to go out and treat yourself to a new journal that is dedicated to your explorations in the Akashic Records. There are so many pretty, cool, artsy, grounded, lined and unlined journals to suit everyone’s personality! Live it up and begin channeling your inner writer through journaling in the Akashic Records and see what magic unfolds!

Share Your Experiences

Let me know how it goes as you share your thoughts, feelings and experiences while in your Akashic Records! I can’t wait to hear! And I know others will be enriched by your inspiration as well.

But Wait…There’s More!

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