Ishtara – Fulfill Your Inner Desires

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In this video Holly Hawkins Marwood channels Ishtara.

Fulfill Your Inner Desires

“Greetings Great Beings of Light. My name is Ishtara.

Trust your desires. Trust what it is that you feel drawn to do, become or offer to the world. Let’s shift focus now and use that as your jumping off point.

Instead of feeling those deep, inner callings and wondering if they should be your pathway, why not shift to the assumption that you can trust that your inner callings are the right ones and the unique ones for you? What if you said to yourself “I am going to trust that my desires and my inner callings are aligned with my Soul’s Purpose. I won’t question if they are something I should pursue, but will assume that the longing is there for a reason that is particular to my journey.”

Try this out for a moment as you read this. Close your eyes, bring to mind your deep desires: the ones that would make your heart sing to do and be in this life. Breathe deeply and fully. If you question or wonder “if” it is something to do, pivot in your mind and in your energy to assume that your deep desires are the seeds of your potential. Breathe that in. Open up to the possibility that your heart-felt desires are in your field of possibilities. Notice what shifts for you and how you feel as you do this.

As you do this you will be giving yourself permission to move from the place of wondering IF you should do something to a place where you look for the WAY you will move in the direction of your desires. You will begin finding ways to bring into your reality the inner callings that are your seeds of potential.

As soon as you open to the truth of your desires, honor them as your future potential, then you move into action in a way that is in alignment with its manifestation. You accelerate past the stationary place of “should I do this?” and “is this the right thing to do?”

You begin to see yourself in your desired future and will find the positive actions steps to fulfill those inner callings!

Trust your desires. Trust your inner callings. They are calling you to your future potential!

I am with you now and always. My name is Ishtara.”
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Channel: Holly Hawkins Marwood
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