What I Learned From “Expecting the Highest & Best”

Highest & Best

“Expect the Highest and Best”…

were the words I heard as I channeled another message from Ishtara*. It rattled me a bit to hear this because I thought that, by and large, I did this in my life. I believed that I normally expected the Highest and Best. So why did she mention this to me? I was taken aback and curious all at the same time.

Boy, was I wrong.

As Ishtara’s words echoed through my awareness in the days that followed, I realized that I truly did not “Expect the Highest & Best”. In fact, I became highly aware of my inner habit of NOT expecting the Highest & Best…oftentimes my inner world was trying to manage the anticipation of the potential upsets, pitfalls, problems, miscommunications, and uncertainty!

BAM! I was knocked over by this awareness…and also deeply grateful.

(Don’t you LOVE being made aware of who you are and how you are being that is not in alignment with what you expect from yourself? Even if it is hard, I LOVE to have the light shine on areas I can grow through.) Now… this is my 2020 mantra…affirmation…assertion…focus. Whatever you wish to call it I have chosen it as my theme for the year. “Expect the Highest & Best.”

What I’ve Noticed Already…

As I chose to shift my focus and inner game to “Expecting the Highest and Best” I realize that I am feeling: • Lighter • More positive • Less worried • Newly Energized and Enthusiastic • Generally, more BUOYANT (which, by the way, is one of my favorite words! I love the energy of buoyancy. Can you imagine a cork bobbing buoyantly in the water? It might be tumbled around, but it always ends up on top. For me it is an incredible word that gives me the visual energy of resiliency.)

What I’ve Also Noticed is…

How I feel about others when I “Expect the Highest and Best” in my interactions with them: It has shifted! It is BETTER! Wow! • Everything seems to flow better. • There is less miscommunication and misunderstanding. • I feel more compassionate & understanding. • I more easily hold the energy that they are doing their best and so am I. • I find myself looking for new solutions, not reinforcing the conclusions of past behaviors, interactions and outcomes.
All of these improved experiences with others leads me back to feeling better, lighter, more positive, and so on.
I have been applying this energy & awareness of “Expect the Highest and Best” to waiting in lines at the store, making a phone call to a governmental agency (which always makes me cringe! How about you?)….basically to anything and everything in my life!

Practice Practice Practice!

The more I practice, the more it will become a natural part of me until it is how I am all the time. There will be nothing to remember, nothing to do to refocus my thoughts and feelings. I will be in the natural state of “Expecting the Highest & Best” all the time, no matter what!

How about joining me in 2020 being the year for “Expecting the Highest and Best”?

It is incredible to see the shifts already, this soon after Ishtara* first delivered this message late in 2019.

*Ishtara:Ishtara is one of the Multi-Dimensional guides I have been channeling since 2011. She brought the Universal Sphere® to us at that time and has continued to teach, guide and love us with her insights, humor, wisdom and more! You can connect with more of her teachings on our website blog by clicking here or by going to our Soul Genesis YouTube page where you can listen and watch more.   

Holly Hawkins Marwood is a conscious channel, who connects with energetic information systems beyond our physical plane and bring those teachings, wisdom, healing and inspiration to those who are curious, interested, awakening and striving for their best life ever! As a channel she shares the profound love and wisdom from the High Council of Orion, Ishtara, Melchizedek, the Angelic Realm, the Akashic Records and more. Their guidance over many years has been a source of healing, learning and inspiration for Holly as well as tens of thousands world-wide. You can read more about the classes she teaches and the sessions that she and her husband, Paul Marwood, offer through their business, Soul Genesis. They work internationally and locally and offer sessions at a distance as well as in person.

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