High Council of Orion – Waiting Desiring – 15th September 2015

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15th September 2015.

Channeled by Holly Hawkins Marwood
Transcribed by Paul Marwood


“Greetings Dear Ones.

We are the High Council of Orion.

We will speak of the concept of Waiting again for we spoke about before and we would say that the teaching needs reiteration so that it can be remembered more clearly.

As you wait for situations and circumstances to be different than what they are in your life, whether they’re in your relationship, your business, your body, whatever it might be. You are taking your attention away from where you are in the moment, and in a sense you are not honoring where you are in the moment. For in the moment no matter where you are no matter what the circumstances are we would say that there’s always something to honor about it. For there you are and the reduction of where you are by being upset with it or waiting for something different, creates a greater separation between you and your Soul

For if you realize the Soul is the animating force, and that animating force of your life brought you to this moment in time for the experiences that are available in that moment. As you look beyond for something else to be different, you are not honoring your Souls bringing you to this place.

And while things may feel less than ideal wherever you’re at in the moment, how can you find the rightness of the moment, the rightness of the experiences, the rightness of the opportunities to learn and grow. Even the idea of not fully being present to where you are in the moment as a thank you to your Soul to bring you there, creates a separation from your Soul.

Everything you want to be doing right now is living more of a Soulic life, a Soul connected life a life, where the Souls voice, the volume of it is getting turned up in your life. Part of the way to live more in connection with your Soul, is being fully present to WHAT IS in your field at the moment in time, and instead of condemning yourself for it, and condemning others around you for it, we would encourage you to find a way to release judgment around it, to stop waiting for that thing that’s outside of you that in the future, for that is an absolute disconnection from your Soul as you do that.

For that thing you’re thinking about in the future that you’re waiting for maybe part of your desire system, and yet in the course of where you are in the moment, the Souls going to bring you to where it is that you need to be. The point of power, the point of change, and the point of connection to Soul, is where you are in the moment. How can you begin to appreciate what’s there, appreciate where you’re at, and the things that feel challenging for you in the moment, starting to take them less personally, starting to have in a sense a Soul level perspective on it.

Instead of the saying of “What would Jesus do?”
You could say what is the learning from my Soul here?
What is the Soul level experience intended to bring to me?

Become aware of that in this moment in time, allows a greater level of your Souls conscious infusion into your everyday life. For it is an impossibility to be able to be with your Soul and be disregarding, disliking, at odds with your current life. So how do you get at peace with where you are? Or if you’re not a piece how you gain greater understanding about what is in your field in the moment in time and be present to that?

If you can’t attend to what your Soul has brought to now, you’re not going to be able to attend to that which you think you’re going to have later on. And all the great Saints, sages, teachers and mystics have said to be present to the now, and this is part of it. For there is no power out in your future and there is no personal power in the past. For time is an illusion so waiting for something to happen, for change to happen in your life doesn’t make sense if time doesn’t even exist, and as you attend to what’s in your hear and now.

In this moment!

In this moment!

In this moment!

In this moment!

Just now, right now, here now, now, now…

That’s how the things that you feel that you’re waiting for that you’ve cast out into the future, you can start bringing them into your now.

One of the ways you can do this is start catching yourself in what you’re thinking, consciously and unconsciously, you could even have a paper or journal near you and take a few notes when you realize the background noise that’s happening in your head. Getting present to your background thoughts, your automatic responses to situations whether the’re people or experiences, things that you hear, things that you see in your space. What’s your first reaction you have to that?

You may draw that reaction back, you may use your mind and your experiences to change it but what’s that first reaction. Where are you getting caught up in that? Write it down and just begin to be aware of that pattern of those things that take you out of your present moment. For when you are triggered by things in your space in the moment, they are things that are usually taking you to some other time and place, whether it’s in the future or in the past.

Sometimes the most obvious way to look at this is, the habit of reaction to certain circumstances and feeling a certain way because something happened or somebody said something, or you anticipate somebody saying something, and you write that down and observe your first response, and see if it’s something that really is about that present moment, or is that present moment the trigger to show you that there’s something in some other time and place that’s hung up.

[HCoO] – Does this make sense?

[Paul] – yes

[HCoO] – You have a question?

[Paul] – Just to understand more clearly. If Paul and Holly have a dream. I will use a common analogy at the moment of more money. There’s a desire to have that which is in the future, but there is no power in that, but there is a desire, but there’s also living in the moment. However when we are living in the moment we are just connected to the moment. Can you please clarify the subtle difference between still having a desire but also being in the moment?

[HCoO] – The idea of more money. This whole thing it has a lot of subtlety in it, for when one has a desire for something different that’s fine and that’s good and that’s okay. But waiting to be happy waiting to be relaxed, waiting. Remember we started this off with the idea of waiting, so there’s a difference between waiting and desiring; this is a very important difference here. Because if you’re waiting to be happy, waiting to be peaceful waiting to feel successful until something else, then you are not fully present to what is in your field in the moment. And you’re not looking to the things that you can choose to feel happy about, choose to feel satisfied about, choose to be at peace with in that moment in time. So you have put blinders on by saying I’m not okay until that thing out there that I’m waiting for “is in my field,” and you’ve made it conditional so therefore what you’re also saying is I cannot be happy or satisfied or peaceful or successful here, because I’ve put that thing way out there.

[Paul] – Which is what you were talking about in the last channeling.

[HCoO] – Yes. Now from the place that you are in the moment, you could see the desire for more, and also be completely content and see the gifts of what you have around you and desire more. But the desiring, and as Abraham says “the sending out those rockets,” is different than waiting for something to bring that which it is that you wish. Very subtle but significant difference.

Waiting and desiring are two very different energies. Because desiring more doesn’t mean that you weren’t fully present to the gifts that you have now. One of the ways that you can begin to work with this, is look at what you’re waiting for.
What are you waiting for?
What’s out there that, in your mind, when these things happen my life can be different? Write them down, get really present to what you’re waiting for.
You don’t have to just shove away the waiting, but look at what it is you’re waiting for. REALLY LOOK AT IT!! And ask yourself, and we said this the last channeling about this is, “Where can you find that same energy in what you already have?”

It doesn’t have to be a one-to-one correlation, if you say I’m waiting for money to feel relaxed and peaceful and trusting about life, look at where you could feel relaxed peaceful and trusting about life, right in the space that you have right now. Because you’re not waiting for conditions to be different to connect with it. Now out in your future you may think it’s money but in your present you may find it in something unrelated to money, but your holding those energies of peace, trust etc. In this moment in time.

Now desiring is you can be happy, you can start looking at what you’re waiting for and start finding evidence for it around you, and you can start really working with that energy and see how you feel. It doesn’t mean you never desire anything but what it is, is that desire becomes an extension and an expansion of where your already at, and your peace and your happiness and your trust and your trust and your ease and your flow isn’t conditional.

Desire is not conditional, waiting is conditional.

Does this make sense?

[Paul] – Yes

[HCoO] – And that’s the distinction. This takes a lot of presence of mind to begin embodying this, but it’s a very important concept in terms of manifestation
Understanding that the more you work with your Soul and the energy that’s present in your life as a result of your Souls decision for that experience you’re having, allows your Soul to be more infused in your life. It’s very powerful.

A whole week could be done on nothing but this!

Waiting says you are not enough your Soul’s decision isn’t enough, waiting is saying that the gifts of who you are and the gifts that life has to offer to you right now are conditional and you cannot have them because you’ve put that thing out there as a conditional pathway to having what it is that you want.

When you acknowledge what you already have in your field, acknowledge the emotions, the high level feelings around anything that you have in there then your desires can flow out of that because there’s nothing conditional. It’s just more of it, more of it!
Does t make sense?

[Paul] – Yes it does thank you for sharing.

[HCoO] – Be Blessed.

We are the High Council of Orion.”

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  1. Woo! Fantastic share, I feel like I’ve been waiting for soooo many things.

    Getting honest and present with what I’m waiting for in the future, and noting it’s root in the now feels really helpful.

    Thank you so much for sharing this.

  2. very cool….thank you. I have some new tools to work with…

    • YAY!!
      So lovely to hear from you Shar.
      It is all a process and the tools help us change and move towards conscious expansion and ascension.
      Love and Blessings

  3. Dear Holly and Paul, thank you very much for making this point very clear. I never thought about this that way but it does make absolute sense. I am very greateful for your work. Many blessing from Germany.❤️

    • Dear Carina,
      Thank you for reading this message. Yes the High council of Orion, often give us new perspectives as you know. Part of expanding our perception of our reality and perceiving the TRUTH.
      Love and Blessings

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