High Council of Orion – SUPPORTING YOUR EMERGENCE AS A LIGHT BEING – 10th Jan 2014

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10th January 2014

Channeled by Holly Hawkins Marwood
Transcribed by Paul Marwood
“Greetings Dear Ones,

We are the High Council of Orion.

The energies of change and transformation are quite strong on your planet at this time. We encourage each and every one of you to reevaluate the necessities in your life. Reevaluate your time. Reevaluate really how your nervous system is feeling and how your emotions are feeling relative to your life. If you are experiencing stress, strain and emotional discomfort in one way or the other we ask you to really understand and acknowledge that the energies are ones of change and transformation at this time. There’s no one who’s immune to them. Instead of feeling that you’re doing something wrong, something’s not happening the “right way” or that other people around you are doing things the “wrong way”, incorrectly, treating you the wrong way, whatever it is, understand that it’s the energies at work. That’s not to then blame the energies. It’s just an awareness that you have greater impact on your physical body, on the energies around you, and, of course, with everyone and everything around you as well.

It’s going to take some time to recalibrate and adjust. When the energies are turned up, as they are at the current moment, also from the solar activities, it’s a good time to figure out how to slow down, how to really prioritize, and really let things go that aren’t flowing. Are there things in your life that you feel, because you have decided they need to look and be a certain way and they’re not flowing right, are you feeling stuck by that? Are you feeling thwarted by that? Instead of deciding that you need to push harder or push through, if the energies aren’t aligning for things to flow smoothly, we ask you to just lovingly set it aside, which doesn’t mean put it away never to be addressed again, but wait until the energies are more in support of it; where there is flow. If you can allow yourself that time and space to just step back, evaluate and see where is energy flowing and where is energy getting stuck and I feel like I’m pushing against a wall. If you can do that and then adjust to where the energy’s flowing and let the things where you’re pushing against a brick wall to just set aside for a little while, you’ll find everything feeling easier for you.

If your relationships are challenged, what can you do to keep yourself in a calm or more centered place while the storm is passing through, without taking the experiences personally, without making big decisions about who’s right and who’s wrong? Just allow the storm to pass. If you use this metaphor of a storm, the storm is not, at that moment, the time to build a home. It’s not the time to clean out your closets. If you’re in the middle of a massive storm, what do you do? You sit and you wait out the storm. You allow the effect of the storm to turn its volume down or move on, allow the weather front to move away, and then you deal with addressing what needs to happen in the moment. We would say the same for you right now about everything in your life. During these times where you’re waiting out the storm it’s a good time to go within and to really nurture yourself. Be good to yourself. Do some of the things that you would like to do a lot of the time but you don’t feel like you have the time to do. Literally, it’s as simple as you know reading the book you wanted to get to or taking out a craft or home project that you wanted to work on that just allows you to be doing something that’s more nurturing for yourself. Allowing your own energies to be self-contained instead of buffeted about in the storm. For if you use this idea of a storm buffeting your house about that wouldn’t be a good time, in the middle of the storm, to go out and do repair work. Right? You would end up just waiting out the storm and then going and doing the repair work. Do the same with all the other aspects of your life where you’re just going to wait it out and allow some time. Allow time to go by where the ebb and flow of the energies are at a point that are more supportive of positive flow in your life.

Some other ways you can really support yourself during this time when the energies are so strong is to really make sure you’re doing your utmost to take care of your physicality. As you take care of your physicality you are also taking care of your energetic bodies as well. The evidence you can respond to is in your physical body, yet understand also that it is about your energetic bodies as well, as well as your interaction with the world around you. Do the things that you already know to do of drinking lots of water to keep yourself hydrated. It helps adjust to the changes. It keeps your nervous system and your emotions in greater balance. Make sure you’re eating well and getting rest. Really giving that time for your physical body to be in the best place it can be. By nurturing that you’re nurturing your energetic bodies as well.

We would also encourage you to spend some quiet time every day connecting to the Heart and Soul of who you are. Really begin to live into and feel the energetics of you being a Light Being. Allow yourself that time to sit in meditation and connect with the planet and connect with the Universe. Center those energies in your Heart and just feel into your energetic presence. Feel beyond your physical body into the space around you. Just really immerse yourself in who you are as a Light Being, as an energetic being. Allow that connection to the energies around you to become just as strong as that of your awareness of your physicality. All of these things will help. Understand that they will move you forward as well; move you forward more easily on your path.

As you connect with the Light Being that you are we encourage each and every one of you to extend your Light out onto the planet and feel your light encompassing all of the other lights and the light of the planet within and without. Bring your awareness to the places on this beautiful planet that you’re living that need assistance. Maybe there have been disasters or serious weather events or human interactions that could use some of the Light that you carry. See this beautiful light bringing that solution energy, bringing wholeness, restoring wholeness to the planet, wherever it is best needed. This allows you an even greater interaction with the energies at large in a very positive way. Remember, beautiful Light Beings, that you are the Light of the World. As you connect with your Light and your Love and your expression of that in your everyday life you will live into the future reality that you are all dreaming about.

Be Blessed.

We are the High Council of Orion.”

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  1. This is a great message thank you for transcribing this and giving it to us.

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