High Council of Orion – Living in a Unified Field – 25th February 2015

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25th FEBRUARY 2015

Channeled by Holly Hawkins Marwood
Transcribed by Holly Hawkins Marwood
“Greeting Dear Ones.
We are the High Council of Orion.

Today we would like to begin an exploration into a greater understanding of the energy within the universe, within the field that you find yourself in. For it’s very easy for humanity to think about the universe as being outside of itself. It’s out there. It’s somewhere off in the distance, yet there’s this forgetting or this awareness that keeps you separate from this consciousness that you are at one with the universe. Within that we would like to share with you that within All That Is, which is far bigger than the universe, as you would call it, is Completion, is Totality and is Unity. When you understand that within the field of All There Is all is there. It is a unified field, as your scientists would tell you. It means that anything you are experiencing in your dimension that you could say has some level of polarity to it, in that you could say it either “good” or “bad”, which those words automatically bring polarity for if you have “good” the opposite has to be true. If you have happy, the opposite has to be true within a unified field. If you are experiencing lack it means that abundance has to be within this field of unity.

So, in one sense, that which you are seeking that you feel you are missing in your life, what ever it might be, by definition within a unified field the matching part has to be there. It may be missing from your human experience, your human awareness, your vibrational experience in a moment, but just holding the understanding that you are within a unified field and within that all exists. All is there.

So how does it impact your life? First of all, can you see if you just begin to ruminate and ponder this idea that it’s all out there, “Everything that I desire is there, even if my experience doesn’t have it within my immediate field of energy”. Just the idea that it is not lost to you, it’s just not revealed to you yet, allows you to open up your energy field to look for the evidence of that missing part; the opposite, if you will of what you’re experiencing. If that opposite of what you’re experiencing is that which you desire and you know it’s within the unified field that you find yourself in, then you are automatically opening up your energy field to allow that to come in to you.

The reason we say it this way is that if you have an experience that you would prefer not to be experiencing and you would prefer what you would consider the polar opposite of that to be. We’ll give an obvious example: if you’re experiencing great financial lack in your life and you have a great desire for abundance you could look at the lack in your life and say “This is my reality. This is the only thing that’s here. It’s never going to be any different.” Even if you have a lot of evidence to that case, as long as you’re reinforcing the lack, the lack energy stays there! You know this already from your vibratory understandings. Just even opening yourself up to the idea that “If I’m experiencing lack and I’m in a unified field, the opposite has to be true”. The opposite of the abundance of whatever it is that you’re seeking has to be there. If you just hold the space that “Even if I’m not experiencing it, it has to be there” can you see how that in a moment shifts your energy field? It brings in that energy of possibility, which opens up your field to allow for possibility to come in, to allow for that abundance, in this example, to come forward and closer into your life. Perhaps one day you’re not experiencing the same amount of lack, but you’re feeling the possibility of the potential for abundance and you might begin to then see it, slowly but surely, move into your life. As you see it move into your life you begin to focus more on the abundance and the potential for it. It all has come from this idea that you’re in a unified field where you may be experiencing polarity, but polarity does not exist. The half to whatever you’re experiencing, the other half is already there. It has to be there because you are in a field that is unified. It is not fractured. It’s not split. It’s not a dichotomous experience. It’s a unified experience.

What is it that you’re experiencing? Hold the place of the possibility that if you’re in a unified field, the matching part that you desire is out there. Begin to observe how this feels in your energy field and how it might draw your awareness to places that, again going back to the example, where you do see abundance flowing in, in many ways that may expand beyond what your definition of abundance is, but as you begin to focus on it you’re bringing that other half energetically closer into your field so you can experience the other half of that duality that you’ve been experiencing.

Remember the change in your experience begins with a shift in your awareness. Because the shift in your awareness begins to open up your vibratory field to allow new information to come in. Allow your awareness to shift to bring your attention to new energies, which changes your vibration, which can then bring your attention to new energies, which continues to change your vibration. Allow this to be a process and a shift in awareness to the field of unified consciousness.

For those of you who meditate you can begin to bring in the idea of the experience and the expansion into the knowingness of living and breathing and experiencing the totality of the unified experience, instead of the polarity of the unified experience. Just see what happens.

Be Blessed.

We are the High Council of Orion.”

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