High Council of Orion — Channeled Message — 9th Jun 2013

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                       9th June 2013.

Channeled by Holly Hawkins Marwood
Transcribed by Paul Marwood


“Greetings Dear Ones,

We are the High Council of Orion.

Today our message is about not taking life too seriously at this moment in time, for there are many changes on your planet as you’ve heard about, and many are aware of at this time.

However what’s hard to understand is what to do about it?
Many of you are feeling the effects of the influx of energies of change and transition that are coming from the sun. Many are feeling affected by it without knowing that there are these energetic impulses that are coming from the sun, and whether you are aware of them not, the reality is that they are being pulsed towards your planet and they are part of the ascension process. The result of this can sometimes allow individuals to feel uncomfortable.

How does that discomfort show up?

  • Irritability
  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Grumpiness
  • Just a general sense of not feeling well
  • Feeling out of sorts
  • Feeling out of sync with the world and everything around you
  • It could feel that you perceive everyone around you doing the wrong thing, or feeling the wrong way, or saying the wrong thing.
  • It’s just a general sense of life isn’t flowing very well in one-way or another.

Now one could say if we are moving into this higher time, why wouldn’t it only feel glorious to do that? What we ask you to remember that, you are in this transition, and as you transition your physicality needs to be adjusted, and sometimes those adjustments aren’t necessarily comfortable for the physical being, because the physical being has been on this planet a certain way, interacting with the environment as it was. Your environment is now changing and your physicality is being asked to change along with it. Now understand that this is happening in incremental ways that are being gently doled out, even if in the moment it doesn’t feel that gentle.

How you weather the transitions for yourself?
First of all what we ask you to do, is to not take things overly seriously at this moment in time. And what we mean by that? If you are looking at any of the things around you such as your job and your relationships, you’re housing situation, whatever it might be. If you’re looking at those same things you’ve always looked at and suddenly they don’t look and feel comfortable, and you think you need to make changes, what we ask you to do is just allow them to be where they are, without feeling the need for you to make a lot of changes right now.

Allow yourself to transition within these situations that might not feel so comfortable at the moment and time, it doesn’t mean they need to be jettisoned out. It just means that the ground that everything is standing on is moving, and when you’re standing on shaky ground, if you will, it’s not the time to make a lot changes.

It’s not unlike being in the middle of an earthquake and your house is shaking and the ground is shaking, and you deciding at that moment you need to rearrange the furniture in your house. It sounds a little silly to say it that way, but that’s the truth of it. That you would never think in the middle of an earthquake that it’s a good time to redecorate and change things up, you would want to get through whatever that is in the moment, let things settle down, and then decide what to do when the ground is not moving.

It would be the same for now, what do you do to whether this?
Don’t take it seriously, and in the middle of it turn your attention back to yourself, and just talk to yourself about how you are feeling uncomfortable, and seeing what you can do with yourself to allow yourself to feel more comfortable and less reactive.

  • Can you get some more exercise
  • Can you do something fun for yourself
  • Could you turn your attention to yourself to read the books you’ve been wanting to read
  • Start taking up a hobby that you wanted to do

To just allow yourself to pay less attention to what’s going on out there as you ride these waves, and what it does is allow you to start looking at yourself in the places your reactive as well. Because it’s a time to really dig in and see the areas that you’re reacting to, and see the parts of you that perhaps need to be worked on. This is the time in your history where things are getting stirred up and kicked up also, not only as a part of the transition as a whole, but also your own internal transition. So the things that you have not dealt with yet, or that are the unhealed parts, or those unexpressed parts, could very likely be coming to the surface to be looked at, re-evaluated, healed, released, understood, whatever it might be.

Instead of getting upset about these things and thinking the world is coming to an end, take that step back and ask yourself:
“What can I learn from this?”
“What am I reacting to?”

By looking at yourself as an outside observer instead of taking it all so personally. We said this many times before, but making sure that you’re getting plenty of rest, plenty of liquids and good foods, and things that you know optimally support your body, so that your physicality is in the best place and shape possible to withstand, to move through these energetic changes.

What we would say in summary is, try not to take anything too seriously, and really think and rethink and rethink making any changes at this time. Allow yourself to get through the changes, so that you again are not trying to redecorate in the middle of an earthquake. Allow it to get moved through and as you are in that place of allowing, allow yourself to re-evaluate yourself, and look at the areas of your life that you might like to clean up, understand, release, forgive, and all those types of things. It’s a good time to do that housecleaning particularly on the things that are coming up right now.

It’s a wonderful time to allow the energies to assist you in the release of old patterns and paradigms, whether they’re known or unknown. These energies have a tendency to bring out or uncover and unearth things that may have been hidden, may have been unknown to you. Allow those to come through, again not feeling that the world is coming to an end or getting worse. You could look at it as a blessing that it’s coming out, and now you know what to heal and look at and release.

While it’s not always easy, we ask you to look at these times of change as wonderful opportunities that are evidence of the changes afoot on the planet. The change is afoot and many of you are feeling it, and while things are moving towards a brighter future, if you will, these times of transition can be a little uncomfortable as you’re working your way through it.

Have faith, stand in your place of knowingness that you are in exactly the right place for your Soul has brought you here, in the here and now, all is well.

Be Blessed.

We are the High Council of Orion.”

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    Can physical ailments be healed by your methods?

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