High Council of Orion – Channeled Message – 3rd Oct 2013

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                       3rd October 2013.

Channeled by Holly Hawkins Marwood
Transcribed by Paul Marwood

         F.E.A.R – False Evidence Appearing Real

“Greetings Dear Ones,

We are the High Council of Orion.

Today’s message is one of FEAR, but fear we are going to talk about it in a positive sense.

We’ve spoken before in prior channelings about how you have evidence on your planet, and all you need on your planet to thrive and survive, and transcend and ascend. All of the raw materials are on the planet now, and again we spoken about it in prior channelings, and so we are going to take it another step further.

There is a saying that’s prevalent in certain parts of your consciousness, that people on your planet some people talk about FEAR as an acronym “False Evidence Appearing Real,” and this is another example of the ones we’ve given before, of how you have evidence hiding in plain sight.

For there has been a constriction and a reality of fear on the planet, yet this word fear as it has been named for that emotion, and even more than the emotion it’s naming the constriction of energy that happens, when something that is false is appearing real to you. So this word fear, and then people tapping into the acronym of false evidence appearing real, is giving you the key to unlocking energetic construction in your life.

Let’s dive into this a little bit more right now, if instead of the word fear you replace it with albeit the longer term, false evidence appearing real, and starting to identify the places in your life that you feel fearful. Fear can come up as anger, it can be wanting to control other people that they need to behave in a particular way, it may be your decision about how life has to look for you, and if it’s not looking that way for you then something is wrong.

So therefore all of that and many more are examples of fear showing up, and you may say “Well I’m not fearful! I just don’t like the way they are behaving and it needs to change!”

Well it’s not about you based on their behavior, they are doing their own thing, but yet there’s something about their behavior that’s making you uncomfortable, and it creates a constriction in your energetic field through your judgment, and through your preference that they behave in a certain way so you feel comfortable.

What’s really happening is the false evidence appearing real, is the false evidence is that they need to behave in a way that makes you feel comfortable. So that is another example of False Evidence Appearing Real, which has been shortened down to fear.

What if you start looking at the places that you feel you have a strong preference or a fear:

  • Maybe I’m not going to get that promotion
  • Will I get the job?
  • Will the right person show up for me?
  • Will this relationship ever make it?

Whatever it might be in your life, the idea is if you just observe all those places that, there’s evidence that’s false that appears real to you, what if you just open up your field to say “Oh I Get it, this is an illusion of reality!” Just even open up your field, by allowing for the fact that maybe what you are feeling is an illusion of reality, and not reality itself, and then that’s false evidence appearing real.

Okay if I think it’s real and it’s really false, how can I shift my energetic to allow other expressions in my field that create an openness, that create a flow of energy, that allows us to breathe again allows the human experience to start flowing. People often say that you need to breathe again, like “Oh breathe again you’re holding your breath,” and when you’re in a state of false evidence appearing real, you also have evidence of the construction, because your body stops moving, and you can tell that your body stops moving, because you stop breathing. As soon as you begin to breathe again you create movement, which shifts your energetic field, which allows other information to come.

So we ask you to just observe the areas in your life where your experiencing fear, where your experiencing construction, where you’re trying to control certain situations to be in a certain way so you feel comfortable. Just observe that and just allow for the fact that it’s evidence of false evidence appearing real.

As you shift your awareness to it being false evidence appearing real, it’s just like the curtains are being drawn back on the illusionists trick. As soon as you understand that it’s false evidence appearing real, you’ve drawn back that curtain, so that you can begin to work with more open energies, where you have other possibilities, other points of view that have an option to come in, and more than anything else, you’ve begun to deconstruct the false evidence appearing real.

We encourage you to just play with this, and observe your energies observe what might surprise you, observe how situations and people might change around you, yet even if they don’t change, perhaps you can have a different point of view, and the key is the difference in your point of view is evidence that you have shifted your perception, you have shifted your energetics, and as you shift your energetics you open up your field to allow for a different set of energetics to come in, not one that you pigeonhole in the same way.

But you create this flow because there is no boundary. The false evidence appearing real creates boundaries, and this time is about dissolution of boundaries, expectations, and understandings. As you do this your energy flows in a different way, which allows you to respond to changes, allows you to deal with what is, instead of what you think it needs to be.

Which is a beautiful gift for as your energies open and you can be in that place of flow versus constriction, it allows you to live more from your heart, it allows you to live more in the moment, it allows you to be more connected to your soul, and again responsive to what is in your life.

Be Blessed.

We are the High Council of Orion.”

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  1. Pam Edwards on October 4, 2013 at 3:31 pm said:

    Thank you, I needed that to be told to me, It has opened the blind and let the light in , and in opening the window the fresh air has come in as well.
    Thank you.

    • Holly Hawkins Marwood on October 14, 2013 at 6:36 pm said:

      Whoo Hoo! Sounds wonderful! I feel the breeze blowing in for you!
      Holly & Paul

  2. Powerful Channeling. The way FEAR was talked about in noticing how we control others or want things to be a certain way opened up a great deal for me. Brilliant!

    • Holly Hawkins Marwood on October 14, 2013 at 6:35 pm said:

      Dear Cindy,
      We are so pleased that the channeling was so powerful for you! Glad it created an opening…often so simple and so profound!
      Holly & Paul

  3. Rani Iman on October 9, 2013 at 4:07 pm said:

    Dearest Paul and Holly,

    As All-ways (!) I greatly appreciate the messages , they All-ways resonant with my Soul and are most helpful in my journey……….

    In Love, Light and Peace,
    Now and ForEver More,

    Rani Iman

    • Holly Hawkins Marwood on October 14, 2013 at 6:32 pm said:

      Dear Rani,
      We are so pleased you appreciate the messages and that they are so resonant with you!
      Holly & Paul

  4. Thank you for the beautiful insight and new perspective on fear! It is so basic yet soo powerful! I thank my peeps for allowing me to stumble onto your message via linked in. I usually don’t go on there much but this morning I got pulled in by another title that I didn’t even look at. It was obviously divine energy working its magic. Thank you again for the work you do!

    Take care,

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