High Council of Orion – Channeled Message – 25th July 2013

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                       25th July 2013.

Channeled by Holly Hawkins Marwood
Transcribed by Paul Marwood


“Greetings Dear Ones,

We are the High Council of Orion.

As time is moving forward, more and more of you are relating to and reaching out to, and experiencing the knowledge, wisdom and information from many sources beyond your planet. Many of you listen to channeled information and resonate quite strongly with some, and not so strongly with others, and we’re here to talk about this today.

For much of the information out there is accurate and much of it is inaccurate, and how do you know what is true? What we ask you to do, first of all, is as you’re listening to the information:
               How does your body feel?
               How does your energy feel?
Does it feel like it’s creating openness, a greater level of understanding, a greater level of peace? This can happen even if the information isn’t necessarily all happy and flowery. But there’s that sense of knowingness, of the rightness of this information for you. If you’re experiencing that as you’re listening to information from some of us from the realms beyond, who are sharing information to your planet at this time, then you know it’s right for you.

What if your best friend or somebody you know and respect really listens to one channeled source or another. They really like it. It uplifts them. It’s meaningful to them. Because of how you love and respect that person you choose to listen too. You may not have the same reaction. You may not feel comfortable or uplifted or reassured, or coming to a greater level of understanding about your life.

That does not make one of you right and one wrong. The information is not resonating with one and not the other because it is black or white. It is because of resonance and vibrational resonance. Allow the information to come forward as it will, and allow each individual to resonate with it, as they will. A lot of it is about vibrational match. It’s not about judgment. It’s not about better or worse. It’s about vibrational match.

As you are exploring the world of channeled information, of which there is much that is accessible this day, we ask you to find your vibrational match within that information system. Understanding that some of it will match for you and some of it won’t. Just because it’s “channeled information” does not mean that it will be a vibrational match for everyone.

We ask you not to go down the rabbit hole of information if it doesn’t feel right, if what’s being said doesn’t feel resonant with you, and just because it’s channeled information you decide “I have to follow it.” No you don’t! You go on your internal compass, which we’ve spoken about before, which will guide you. Your heart and your Soul will guide you to what’s resonant with you, and that’s your decision point. Does it make the other ones wrong or incorrect that you aren’t resonant with? No. The information is available for those whom it is resonant with.

That being said we ask now that you also tune in to an even higher level; a higher level of resonance in terms of where your Soul wants you to go. For there is the vibrational match of where you might be right in this moment, and then there’s the vibrational match with where your Soul is going. There’s also that piece of feeling into your future, “is this the type of information, is this uplifting me and allowing me to see where my future might be going, where I feel resonant in in my future”? Then that’s the source you want to align with.

For truth be told there are sources out there of information, that are working to keep humanity in fear and smallness and worry and concern, which are constricting emotions. They, in a sense, put bars around your consciousness, around your trust in your own inner guidance, and instill fear about the future.

If you’re living in a place of fear, and feeling constricted, we ask you to understand without judgment that there are some channeled sources who are out there who are working to maintain the status quo, to slow down or put brakes on the ascension process that’s happening now. So, please, we ask you to use your internal compass to see how you’re feeling about it, and if it’s creating fear and constriction, which by the way are very addictive emotions, we ask that you evaluate whether that’s for you in your highest good.

We make no judgment about where you feel that you need to be, but what we ask is to check in with your internal compass about how it feels.
Are those the emotions that you feel are moving you into a future that, on the other side of ascension, is one of open energies, without the fear and the constriction, where humanity is living in a state of Oneness and trust of one another, and trust in the bigger picture of life?

This is the first time we’ve spoken about this as an aspect, yet it comes up often, and it is important to address now. We say this for you are your ultimate judge. Your Soul is the ultimate judge of the information that’s appropriate for you. We ask you not to deify channeled language, channeled information, just because it’s a newer part of your consciousness on your planet. We ask you to look at it as any other information source and be judicious about your interaction with it.
Just as you would choose whether or not you turn the television off if there’s too much bad news, we ask you to tune in to the channeled sources that you feel are moving you in a direction that is appropriate to your Soul’s progress.

We’ll leave you with that thought now, Dear Ones, knowing and trusting that your inner guidance, that inner compass that’s fueled by your Soul, will always lead you in the right direction.

Be Blessed.

We are the High Council of Orion.”

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