High Council of Orion — Channeled Message — 15th Mar 2013

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                       15th March 2013.

Channeled by Holly Hawkins Marwood
Transcribed by Paul Marwood


“Greetings Dear Ones,

We are the High Council of Orion.

Our message today is about self-imposed limitations. Those words itself create constriction don’t they? You hear the word “imposed” and you hear the word “limitation”, you feel as if things are getting squeezed around you, and then when you plop that beautiful little four letter word in front of it “Self”, and realize that any limitations that are being imposed are by yourself. One would almost think that that would be ridiculous, in that you as an expansive loving spiritual being would never think to impose limitations on yourself, for you are becoming a glorious expanded heart-centered being.

What we ask, is that you become more heart-centered as you learn to work with the information were sharing, and live from that more expanded place. We ask you to examine the experiences of self-imposed limitations in your life.

Why would we ask you to do this? Not because it is something that needs to be flagged as a problem or a negativity pointed out. What we like to do is shift your consciousness, to bring your awareness to areas that might have constriction around it to allow a greater flow of energy, a greater flow of your natural light.

Part of our job is to shine the light on long-standing consciousness to allow it to be freed. Again not to bring it up as a negativity, but as an awareness, and when there’s awareness brought to something, then it has an opportunity to change those Self Imposed Limitations.

What we ask you to do in the coming days is to look at areas in your life where you feel limited. Perhaps it is an area in your work where because of the hierarchy you feel limited, it could be that you feel limited in your ability to express yourself within your family, for some you may feel limited in your ability to be authentic in the world, some have experiences of limitations for financial reasons, and the list goes on.

What we ask you to do initially is to look at where you feel limited in your life, and you can even make a list of it. As you look at that list and within that list, there are limitations that you probably will actually question when you look at it objectively. For it’s easy to say
“Well I’m limited because of my parents point of view”
“I’m limited because this is the way it’s always done at my job”
“I’m limited because I’m not living in the right place in the world”
“I’m limited because I don’t have the right relationship”
“I’m limited because the finances aren’t right in my life”

But what we ask you to do is really sit and look, and be brutally honest with yourself about whether or not that limitation is real, or is it perhaps a self imposed limitation in which you are holding yourself back. Is it real or is it something that perhaps your Soul is calling you towards and maybe there’s that hesitation, that fear of your own greatness, that fear or of stepping into the power of who you really are. And so it’s easier to have a limitation that even you might blame, if you will, on some external source.

We ask you to look at all these limitations and say “Am I imposing this limitation?” And then dig in a little bit more, and if you see that you are, why are you?
Why would it benefit you to hold yourself back?

Or through your awareness that perhaps it is your own limitation that’s holding you there, perhaps that awareness loosens it, perhaps your awareness gives you different ways and points of view to look at that limitation. Perhaps in the ways that it helps you, perhaps in the ways that you can release it that you hadn’t thought of prior to that moment in time.

As you look at your perceptions around the limitations in your life and be real and honest, and see the ones that you can shift.
Ask yourself, “Is that really true?” “Am I really limited in that area?”
And as you do, the energies shift around it, and you bring in energies that can bring in different options, different solutions different points of view that can allow those seeming limitations or walls, impediments for you to manifest your greatness to just crumble.

For some of you the awareness in and of itself will have the wall crumble, for some of you it won’t crumble right away, but you’ll need to work with it a bit. Knowing always that as you look at it and become honest with it, your automatically shifting the energy in it, and automatically new information will come in, which will allow shifts and changes in that arena.

We ask that you have fun with this and play with it, and not take yourself too seriously as you’re looking at limitations, and particularly if you are realizing that some of the areas that you felt limited in your life, were actually self-imposed instead of externally imposed, and you have a great deal of power to shift and change that situation. It’s easy to be in a place of self-criticism, and we ask you not to do that.

We ask you to be loving and compassionate with yourself, and see the many ways that it could have benefited you to hold that position or that point of view, and now that your awareness is on it, you know that it’s time to free and shift and change. And if for some reason there are limitations that you don’t see as self imposed limitations, and they are just are going to remain limitations. We ask that you not be critical of yourself for that. Just say “I’m going to feel limited in that area, I don’t see a movement of energy, I don’t see another point of view”, and that’s perfect as well.

What we ask is that you be kind and gentle to yourself and honor yourself for being realistic about it, honor yourself for realizing that perhaps you’re not done with the experience of that. Can you even see that just by saying, “I see this as a limitation and I’m not done with this as an experience”, that in and of itself adds different energy to that situation. Can you see that?

We ask you to have fun and play a game with self-imposed limitations and see where it takes you. You might be surprised at the walls that fall down, and the freedom that you begin to experience in different areas of your life. We ask you to always question your beliefs and say “Is that really true?” And from there you open yourself up to that field of infinite possibilities.

Be Blessed,

We are the high Council of Orion”

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  1. elga13 on March 16, 2013 at 3:56 pm said:

    thank you so,so much..this is a clear and gentle door for me to step into my own power.
    in gratitude,love and light Elga

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