High Council of Orion – Channeled Message – 11th Aug 2013

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                       11th August 2013.

Channeled by Holly Hawkins Marwood
Transcribed by Paul Marwood

                          DO IT FOR YOURSELF

“Greetings Dear Ones,

We are the High Council of Orion.

Tonight we begin with the simple phrase.
     “Do it for yourself!”
Do you have times when there are the things that you know you need to do, or the things you have to do or even the things that you think you have to do, and with that comes a sense of dread of not wanting to, of resistance. It is easy to find excuses, things to occupy your time occupy your energies, e-mails that suddenly need to be written houses that absolutely have to be cleaned, anything that can get in your way will get in your way when you have resistance to it.

Yet as many of you know, all that is doing is putting off the inevitable, is it not?
What if when you moved to do those things that you didn’t want to do, instead of thinking about resistance or fear or trepidation or feeling put upon by somebody else, what if you could shift your feeling to
“Doing it for yourself!” Can you feel how that can shift your energy?

We can take a mundane task such as doing the laundry, and within doing the laundry you could feel resistance to wanting to go through the process of,

  • Taking clothes to the washer
  • Washing the clothes
  • Drying the clothes, either by hanging them up outside or putting them in the machine
  • Folding them and putting them away

And one could have an enormous sense of dread over that task at hand, even if it’s necessary to clothe your body for the next day.

Yet in taking this mundane task of laundry and the potential for resistance to it, can you see how if you just shifted your perspective in that case to:
        “What if I just do this for myself.”
“I am doing this for myself, for I need clean laundry, I need socks to wear tomorrow, I need the right uniform to wear to work tomorrow.”

You choose to do it for yourself. We’ve taken a very mundane and simple example of laundry, but you can expand that out to other areas of your life that you might feel some resistance to or even fear to. Fear is a form of resistance and one might even say that all resistance as a form of fear.

It’s harder to identify that in certain cases but it’s fear, it’s resistance, it’s dragging your feet, whatever it might be for the tasks that you choose to put off that don’t go away, what if you chose to do them for yourself?

Instead of doing it for the boss, a husband, the wife, the children, the father, the mother, the community, the perception of the community, the perception of the religious organization, whatever it might be. What if instead of doing anything that you do for external reasons for external validation you just said, “I’m going to do this for myself.”

Observe your reaction, observe the ease with which you can accomplish something, observe how your energy opens up and frees up from the shift in your resistance. Then before you know it the task is done the job is complete, and more importantly than anything else, the energy of resistance has opened up and so there’s a flow of energy that prevails, beyond what would’ve been there before.

Were not advocating for you to live a life that is self-centered, selfish and coveting, from the point of view just do it for yourself, we are speaking to you from an energetic point of view. The energy of fear and the energy of resistance is one of constraint, is one of being hemmed in and pinned in, and when one is hemmed in and pinned in by even the invisible barriers of resistance and fear, one cannot create movement, and the place of your Soul which we are always speaking about is one of great movement and expansion always.

As you move to this place of asking yourself to “Do it for yourself,” whatever that is in whatever place of resistance it is, it opens you up to a place of movement of expansion, of new points of view, of clarity of alignment, and as you do that you begin to experience the results of the energetic flow. The results are that you feel better doing those tasks, you feel better making that phone call or having that communication, you feel more accomplished because it’s complete. You don’t have the thing nagging you in the back of your mind. And from a human perspective that makes your life easier, but from our perspective as your human life gets easier, what’s really resulting is the energy is flowing more easily in your life.

As you release and remove the constrictions, the restrictions, the opinions and the fear, you open your life, you open your light up, you allow this greater flow, and as you open that greater flow even more can flow in. More of your Soul gets to express itself in your life, and it is just this self-generating machine. While some of these messages may seem a little mundane, remember always that we’re working at the energetic level with each and every one of you, and we want you to see the level of self-empowerment that you have to change your life.

That you have that ultimate power to change your life, and that you can break the paradigm of someone or something else needing to be different for your life to be different, you empower yourself, you empower yourself by shifting your energies first. You can begin with everyday tasks and everyday experiences as the place to shift your energy, and with that your energy is shifting, with that your living a more empowered life, you’re living in greater trust with yourself, you are beginning to allow your Soul to shine through in your everyday life, so that you can move through your life with greater clarity and ease, and the result of that is a greater level of joy happiness and contentment for yourself, and then you can extend that out to all those who you meet.

All this flows out of the very simple idea to “Just do it for yourself,” and play with this as we always suggest. Play with this idea of what happens with those things that you dread, the things that you don’t want to do, the things that you put off, the things that you resist. What if you do it as an ultimate act for yourself, to allow your energy to move, so that as the energy moves you actually receive more energy and everything becomes easier? You are a limitless supply of energy powered by the infinite source within the universe.

Be Blessed.

We are the High Council of Orion.”

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