High Council of Orion —- Channeled Message —- 10th July 2013

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                       10th July 2013.

Channeled by Holly Hawkins Marwood
Transcribed by Paul Marwood


“Greetings Dear Ones,

We are the High Council of Orion.

Today we would like to encourage each one of you to create a daily or regular routine of “Personal Connection”. And that Personal Connection in some realms might be called meditation, but we would like to call it “Personal Connection.”

First we’ll talk about why we feel that Personal Connection is important, and it’s not Personal Connection where you’re connecting to other people. It’s Personal Connection in that you are taking that time for yourself to connect, and as you connect you are centering yourself and allowing yourself to have a greater level of resource. You’ve filled up your tank of resources, if you will, as you go out into your day, or meet the demands of the world at large at this point in time.

We recommend that you do so by being in that quiet place for yourself, whether it’s a quiet place in your home or your office, or out in nature where you can be undisturbed for a short period of time. For it does not necessarily mean you need to take on a large meditation routine to achieve Personal Connection.

As you find that quiet personal spot for yourself, bring your awareness to the space around you and is it peaceful? Does it allow you to feel that you’re in a sacred spot?

Allow yourself that time to just be with yourself for a few moments, and as you do, we ask that you begin by bringing your awareness to yourself first, through the observation of your breathing, and then allowing your conscious awareness to settle into the space of your heart.

There many schools of thought about slowing the mind and taming the mind, and creating a blank mind, and what we encourage you to do is allow the mind to do what it will without judgment, for the judgment creates a constriction and the construction creates a greater source of energy flow to that area. As you effort your way out of having a busy mind you create more energy in the area of the busy mind. So we encourage you to lovingly allow that mind to do what it will, and drop your awareness to the space of your heart.

You can even do this by imagining a physical heart in whatever way you want, whether it’s anatomically correct, or whether it’s more of a heart-shaped image, or whether it’s just an awareness in the center of your chest. And actually imagine putting your sense organs in the space of your heart, imagine yourself looking out at the world through your heart, listening to the world around you through the ears within your heart, touching and smelling and tasting the world all from the center of your chest.

Just be in that place of allowing; just be there, without needing to do or effort, just allow your awareness to be there. And once you’ve become centered there, allow the energies within your heart to flow down through your body, down through your legs and into the center of the earth.

And many of you have heard this about centering in the center of the earth, and what we encourage you to do is imagine and feel yourself, anchoring into the center of this beautiful planet that uplifts and supports you. It is the place where your soul has chosen to be for its experiences at this time, and honoring that interconnection between those two living beings of you and the planet.

But in addition to anchoring in, what you’re doing is connecting in with the information systems that inherently are within the planet as well; perhaps you feel your energies moving to the center of the planet. However you envision that, and anchoring in.

But also spreading out, just like roots spread out underneath the ground to reach out for more. And the roots move through the soil to find the nutrients they need to grow and thrive, and in that same way you feel the energetics of your being reaching out into the information systems within the planet, for you to find the nutrients, if you will, that you need to grow and thrive.

As you anchor in to the planet, you find that nurturing and grounding aspect, and allow yourself to feel that for a few moments. You may even feel a flow of energy back up through those roots, through the energetic tendrils that you’ve sent down into the planet, and feel the energy flowing back into you, up to the soles of your feet and through your legs and up into the space of your heart, to nourish and enliven and support you in a co-creative way.

And always being in that place of allowing the nurturing and allowing the flow, not from an efforting point of view, but from an observational allowing place, a place that is openness, is receptivity, and allowing without judgment.

Allowing all of that beautiful nurturing energy and information to flow up into that space of your heart. Perhaps you feel an energetic shift in the space of your heart, and then move the energies upward, up through your neck, up through your head and your crown, and out into the universe in a similar way that you went down into the planet.

Where you can see those beautiful energies flowing up and out and into the universe, to the center of the universe, to the center of the I AM consciousness, the center of all that is, to Source. Knowing and feeling that the energies know where home is, so the way you envision it will always be correct.

And in addition to anchoring into that universal source, you can imagine and envision and feel the energies, also reaching out like those beautiful roots, these are the universal roots that reach out into the universal mind, the universal consciousness, to find more information more nurturing more love and connection more information, that brings you into the greater level of peace and wholeness and oneness.

As you reach out to feel and fine those energies, allow them to slowly nurture you, flow back in, back down through the crown and your head and your throat and neck and into your chest, enlivening also the space of your heart. Can you feel them intermingle with the energies of the earth, and they co-creatively enlighten you, literally allowing your light to shine in even brighter ways. Allowing you to dissolve limitations, allowing your perception of the world around you to bring in new information.

As you sit with this in silence and observation, perhaps you feel trickling in, the feelings of love of joy of possibility of newness, renewal and expansion. Then sit with that for as long as you feel comfortable, as long as it works within your day, and we encourage you to try and do this every single day if you can. If you can do it outside with your bare feet on the planet in the grass, in the soil in the sand in the natural elements.

You will find an even greater connection with greater ease. Yet know that you can do it wherever you are at, and achieve that greater level of expansion and peace and oneness. When you find yourself centered in this place, if you have a concern, ask for the guidance, ask for the information systems within the planet and the universe, those tendrils to reach out and find the information that can help you problem solve, help you come to different levels of understanding, help you to find action in a place of inaction, find that solution energy as you’ve heard us say many times before.

As you do this experience of connection more frequently, just observe how you move to the day, observe how you react to the world around you, allow yourself to be surprised, allow yourself to be unguarded, allow yourself to find ease and joy in ever increasing amounts.

And know also as you connect to those places of peace and joy and oneness, you are reconnecting with your true essence, and as you do that and feel it and experience it, it allows even more to come in. We encourage each and every one of you to play with this, enjoy it have fun with it, experiment, journal about it if you wish so you can look back at your progress. Applaud yourself for every time you find the time to sit in connection, sit in this form of meditation.

Be Blessed.

We are the High Council of Orion.”

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