High Council of Orion – AWARENESS OF SUBTLE ENERGIES – 17th Apr 2014

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17th April 2014

Channeled by Holly Hawkins Marwood
Transcribed by Paul Marwood
Romanian Translation
“Greetings Dear Ones.

We are the High Council of Orion.

Our next two messages are ones that will teach you how to begin to live more into the subtle energies that are already around you. For understand that for quite a long time, in your timeframe, there has been an understanding, a teaching that has chosen to separate you from your energetic reality. This time is about living into your energetic reality and truth of what’s already there. You might look at people around you who get information from their guides and their spirit team or their field of knowingness, their intuition, whatever you might say, and be mystified by that and wonder how they receive information and feel that they are superior, perhaps, to you or that you are inferior to them because you’re not receiving information the same way. Perhaps you even feel that it’s something that is so elusive you’ll never be able to do that as well. We would say that’s not true. We would say that accessing the energetic field around you would, in a sense, be a birthright of the soul.

So laying that foundation that everyone can access the energetic information around them is important at this point in time. What we’re going to teach you in our next two messages is so profoundly simple you may think it’s too easy. Yet we would also say that if you apply this information, if you apply what we’re sharing with you here you will find ways to be just like those people you admire, not because you need to be like them, but because you can live into receiving information that’s already around you, all the time, as well.

We ask you to start beginning to look at the things that you do habitually. Begin to slow down a moment and feel the energetics of the things that you do habitually. For example, if you get up every morning and you go to the refrigerator and take out some milk. Then you go to the cupboard and you take out cereal and you pour the cereal into a bowl, pour the milk over it. Eat your cereal and drink your coffee, because it’s what you do every morning. It actually feels easy to you. You know how to start your day that way. We’re going to ask you to begin to slow down and question it. Not question it with your mind, but question it with your energetic field. This might take a few extra moments in your morning and at other points in your day, but what we would ask you to do is slow down and feel how your body feels having your milk and cereal every morning. You may initially say “I enjoy it! I love it because it tastes good”, but really feel. Is this what your body really wants to start your day with, not just every day, but that day in particular? For some days the answer might be “yes” and other days, the answers might be “no”. As you begin to tune into the space of your energies and some days say, “yes, it feels right to have the cereal” and “oh no, I’m listening to my body and today it really doesn’t want this”. What you’re really doing is beginning to live into your energetic reality on that more refined level.

What it does is open up the barriers that you have between yourself and living into your energetic reality. This is not always about food. It’s just an easy example for us to illustrate this idea of beginning to listen to and receive information that’s outside of your daily routine. Start to feel the places that feel like a “yes” and move in that direction. If, as you tune into that decision, it feels like a “no” then take a different path, eat a different breakfast, wear a different set of clothing, drive to work a different way, watch a different TV program.

All these examples are worldly examples, but these are the places that you begin to feel the refinements in your energy field. These of the places where you can begin to experience the subtle energies and live into a new energetic reality of who you are. As you do you open up your energetic feel even more so that these decisions happen automatically. You don’t need to take those moments to tune in to what’s appropriate. “Is this what I want? Is this what I don’t want?” It will happen automatically as you begin to tune into the yes’s and no’s in your vibratory field.

As you begin to tune into the yes’s and no’s in your vibratory field and respond accordingly what you’re going to notice also is a lift in your mood, a new level of excitement as you make a new decision in response to the energetic field and live into the way that that difference feels in your day. Going back to the breakfast breakfast example: if instead of having the milk and the cereal that you have every morning out of ease and habit, you slow down, tune in and see that your body chooses something different for breakfast. Then you actually respond to making that different breakfast, eating it, and going about your day. As you’ve made that decision in terms of the “yes” of your energetics, we invite you to observe how you feel differently. Perhaps in response to your decision in your physical body, but also how you feel in response to following the energetic guidance. It’s as simple as that. Following the energetic guidance that’s around you. It doesn’t always need to be about the big decisions and the lofty decisions and making a decision in in your own mind that “I just asked my spirit team about a big decision in my life and I don’t hear response, therefore I cannot connect”. In this way, with these small decisions, these small habits that you have in your life, you begin to break down the idea that you have a barrier. You live into the truth that all this energy field is accessible to you. It’s a question of remembering the truth of it.

An easy way to do this is to start asking for the yes’s and no’s and responding accordingly. The response is an important component of that. Instead of just getting the “yes” or the “no” and saying, “Okay, interesting information, but I’m going to do my habit path anyway, even though it was in “no””. It’s the response to the “yes” or the “no”, which begins to shift the energetic field to a place of greater openness. For you’re affirming the truth of the information that you’ve received and living into it!

We would invite you to have fun playing with this as we always do, for none of this needs to be overly serious. You can play into this field of your energetic reality and live into how your world shifts as you respond to the yes’s and quiet the no’s, for it’s going to change the course of your life bit by bit, and also shift how you feel about yourself and how you expand into your energetic reality.

Be Blessed.

We are the High Council of Orion.”

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  1. maria dantas on April 17, 2014 at 4:23 pm said:

    Hi Dears ones!

    My name is Maria I’m from Sao Paulo Brazil, and I love these messages so very much.
    I usually translate them to my language portuguese, so that they might be posted in some brazilians spiritual websites.
    I also love to listen to the audio in my mp3 while I take a walk in the Park near my home.
    And Unfortunately this one there is no audio. I guess a lot of people like it.
    So please if it’s not asking too much… the next time, would it be possible for you add the audio together?
    warmth brazilians hugs and kisses for you guys
    Maria dantas

  2. Kerstin on April 18, 2014 at 12:20 am said:

    Very interesting message for me.İam since a while on the way to change my life. Aroud and inside me.
    Thank you for your Message.

  3. Happy Easter & Thank You for this Beautifull Message Beloved High Council of Orion through Holly & Paul Marwood ♥ It is so filled with Light ஜ I Lღ√Ƹ U ♥ ✽Ⓛⓞⓥⓔ ஜ I Am most Gratefull for Meeting You ♥ ◈۞ ۩ Blessings of PEACE & Lღ√Ƹ ஜ۩۞ In Lak`ech Ala K`ìn ♥ AUM NAMAH SIVAYA ♥ WE ARE ONE ۞ I AM. NAMASTE

  4. Charlotte on April 19, 2014 at 7:15 am said:

    thank you

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