High Council of Orion – Affirmations, Pt. 2 – 16th March 2015

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16th MARCH 2015

Channeled by Holly Hawkins Marwood
Transcribed by Holly Hawkins Marwood

“Greetings Dear Ones.

We are the High Council of Orion.

Today’s message follows on from our previous one about affirmations for we would like to dig into the idea of crafting affirmations in a way that supports you optimally and will get you the best results. Again when you’re applying a technology, as we’re calling affirmations, you would like that technology be as efficient, as swift, and as easy as possible. When you think about the technological changes that have been experienced over the last hundred plus years and you think about each improvement in the technology allows transportation or information to be disseminated more quickly and to affect people’s lives more easily. We would like you to look at this affirmation technology, as we’re calling it, as one that is very powerful and can be very swift. Yet your choice of words in your affirmation is really important to accelerating the effectiveness of the affirmation technologies.

Let’s discuss this. First of all, and you know this already: this idea that you want to get very clear in and of yourself about truly that which it is you desire. Really spend some time contemplating. It’s very easy to say, “Well, I want a fantastic relationship!” You either need to get clear on what does a fantastic relationship look like, for you might have a very different definition in of a fantastic relationship than your friend or your sister or your brother or your parents or your grandparents. Getting very clear on the details of what that means. As you dig into clarifying that we would encourage you to look at any places where you think that you feel some resistance, that you feel some hesitation or even lack of worthiness. Be able to dig in and be real about that. Explore that so you can break up some of that resistance and even that exploration in and of itself, in the process of deciding that which you want, can really help move your energy.

Beyond that, let’s talk about the words you use. It’s very easy for people in crafting their affirmations to say the word “want.” “I want a better job.” “I want to work with people who love and respect me.” “I want an ideal partner.” “I want an affluent life.” Let’s look at this word “want.” It feels very positive. It feels like it might have some forward movement to it, but if I say to you right in this moment, right here and now “I want an ice cream cone,” what it implies is that there isn’t one here. When you look at this world of vibration and you look at this world of Unity and you look within the field of All That Is all is there. There is nothing you’re lacking. It doesn’t mean that you have it in your vibrational reality. It doesn’t mean that it’s manifest in your life, but if you can expand your consciousness out to the fact that within the world, even if you don’t have an ice cream in your hand, you have an ice cream. It is there for you to have. Then understand that this word “want” automatically has limitation in it, automatically has lack in it, automatically has separation from that which you want. (Yes, we used the word “want” right now!)

When you’re crafting your affirmations what we would suggest to you is simply saying “I am” followed by that which it is that you desire. “I am in a job where I am loved and respected.” “I am in a healthy, strong, vibrant body.” “I am that wonderful, loving partner in all of my relationships.”

When you begin to say “I am” and that which it is, it sounds so simple. Yet what we want you to understand is the vibration of those words, for words have vibration, the vibration of those words allows the truth of the field of Unity to bring that which it is to you. Words are vibrational and you want to be very careful in your choice of words. This is not to create constriction around it, but you want to choose words that reflect the fact that within the field that you find yourself in, all is there. All is there. You want to bring that which is already there closer to you. The way to do that is with these finely crafted words of “I am”.

Allow yourself to sit in a field of “I Am”, understanding that as you say or write or think or sing or discuss with other people those words “I am…” what it does is allow that vibrational resonance to begin to echo in your energetic vibration. This is why we call it a technology. You are literally shifting your vibrational reality with this beautiful technology constructed from your words and your vision and with the foundational understanding that with in this field of All That Is it is a unified field. Therefore, that which you desire has to, by definition, exist. The way you can begin to draw that in more closely to you is through the power,the clarity,the conciseness. It’s like finally tuning your technology to choose these beautiful words and begin echoing them in your vibrational field first and then it becomes like a radio tower. You become a radio signal beeping out into the Universe, into All That Is, to draw to you that which you are echoing out.

What we would like to also encourage you to do is to really be steadfast and consistent in the practice of affirmation if you choose to bring this into your life because, if you say affirmations for a day or a week it’s definitely shifting your vibration, but you’ve had a different vibrational stance up until this point. The repetition and the constancy of that message going out over and over and over again is what strengthens your radio signal. We would encourage you to look at being very consistent in doing this for a long period of time, and not looking over your shoulder and not always looking for the evidence of what it is that you desire. Just sit in trust that the unified field has it out there for you and using this vibrational technology of affirmation can allow you to see that coming into your field more easily.

We would recommend using a time period of 40-120 days, at a minimum. That may sound like a long time, but we would challenge you lovingly to say if this is something you’re missing in your life and you want to bring it in vibrationally how many years have you been without it? How many years has it not been a part of your vibrational reality? What if you spend 40 or 120 days being very focused, being very intentional about applying a vibrational technology to your life and sitting in that field of possibility and expectation, understanding that there’s always a solution to everything you’re experiencing.

Smile as you say or affirmations. Feel, envision as you say your affirmations, always in a positive and from the place of I am…,” for you are in the Unified Field and you are everything.

Be Blessed.

We are the High Council of Orion.”

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