High Council of Orion – 2021 Message

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The High Council of Orion

2nd January, 2021
Channeled by: Holly Hawkins Marwood
Transcribed by: Paul Marwood

Greetings, dear ones, we are the High Council of Orion.

And here we are at the turn of your calendar at the start of another year as you mark time. And this time is always one of great anticipation and great expectancy, right?

It’s always great to embark on something new. The energy is uplifting, positive and forward moving. And yet you’ve all had a year that had brought new experiences, new challenges, new direction, new opportunities, things that you probably never would have ever entertained as something in your realm of possibilities.

And it’s happened and it’s happened in spades. So as you move into this new year.

Some of that elevation and excitement has been dampened, because one says “We didn’t anticipate this last year, we have no idea what’s going to be happening this next year.” So there is movement into this new year instead of with excitement and renewal. A bit of trepidation, a bit of concern, a bit of looking over your shoulder for what might be coming after you.

But what we’re here to do is also remind you that you are continuing to awaken us and embody more of the truth of who you are. At your core, this is not something that somebody else has given to you, it’s something that’s inherent to who you are at your very most elemental aspect of who you are. That includes your human 3D experience and it includes all your other dimensional experience as well as well, that core of who you are is and always will be there, steadfast, never changing. So your awakening is discovering that which is already within you.

So how does this help you move into your new year?

It’s a great time to really honor and acknowledge who you have become. Who are you now? What are the understandings that you have now about yourself, your life, your sense of confidence, your sense of inner knowingness? All of that has grown by leaps and bounds in this last year. And many of you have been working on this type of thing for decades, for quite a long time to honor and acknowledge your becoming. Who are you becoming, who have you become, and focus on those qualities that you will bring to whatever you encounter in this coming year.

For this isn’t a message of prediction that, oh, this will happen and that will happen. And this won’t happen. Your resilience and the cultivation of a greater sense of resilience because you are tapped into your qualities of your ability to succeed and thrive, regardless of what situations you encounter. This is what you’re bringing forward now.

This is what is required of you now.

So honoring who you’re becoming, who you’ve become. Knowing that there’s even more to unfold, that you can have that confidence in yourself, that you feel like no matter what happens, no matter what the world, if you will, brings forward.

I know! I know that I have what it takes to navigate the space. I know I can be resilient. I know I can pivot. I know I can be creative and expansive and find solutions in ways that I never thought I had to before. When you own that sense of confidence and empowerment, then you don’t need to worry as much about what’s coming down the pike or what’s not coming down the pike. You have that confidence to say, I’ve got this.

I don’t know what I’m going to need to get. I don’t know what I’m going to need to bring forward, but I’m going to trust that I have all the inner resource to be here now, because this is an important part of this time also. To understand that you incarnated onto this planet at this time. For you and for the planet, for the Awakening, for the Ascension. Who are you here to help? Who are you becoming so that you can contribute more to this great awakening?

So when you are here understanding that I am in the right place at the right time. And who can I be that holds the space of love, of healing, of possibilities, despite evidence around you, that you can hold those higher visionary qualities to really begin to manifest the world that you feel is possible within you. This is all what you’re doing here right now. Add to the collective, add to the positive thinking. Add to the fact that there’s always a solution, that there’s always a way to shift the way you’re flowing through things so that.

You are sharing your light, you are lined up with your highest potential, you’re contributing to other people discovering their highest potential. You’re holding the vision for what’s possible on the planet. And a lot of this takes a choice in what you’re choosing to align with. Look at and vibrationally entrain to.

So what are you in training to on a regular basis? What are you thinking about?What are you feeling? What are you resonating with? What are the emails you’re opening? What are the the videos you’re watching? What are you consuming energetically that’s bringing about a particular resonance in your energetic field, through your mind and your emotions.

Is what you’re digesting, what you’re ingesting, taking you in the direction of what you know is possible for you in the world, or are you feeling that you’re more entraining to fear and worry and concern, make a big choice on your behalf, stay steadfast to what you know is possible.

Look for evidence of what you know is possible, because in any given moment, you have a choice. Am I looking for and discovering the things that worry me that create fear, anxiety, or where can I find the things that make me feel hope, positivity. That outlook that I know when you’re in that vibrational field of, “I know that what I feel is possible”, then what you will be able to do is begin to discover more of it.

Keep going for and discovering more of what you know is possible. It’s out there in any given moment you can find it just like you found the other things that might bring you worry, fear and concern. Look for the evidence for the world that you’re desiring and you’ll find it. And that’s how you co-create a new future while you’re sitting in this field of infinite possibilities. Celebrate the new year, celebrate the new you and who you’ve become. Celebrate the fact that you will become even more in this coming year.

Be Blessed, we are the High Council of Orion.

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