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Moving Forward in your Life

Stepping into a new understanding of your life is so exhilarating. It allows you to move forward as if you have fewer burdens, a clearer perspective, and a new lease on life.

I receive so many notes from my clients after their Akashic Record Readings that touch me deeply, often bring me to tears, and are clear confirmation that spending time coming to a greater level of understanding about who you are and what you are experiencing in this lifetime is invaluable.

What One Client Said

I recently received a note from a client who had an Akashic Record Reading about some serious issues in his life that he felt were holding him back and not allowing him to move forward in the ways he knew he could. Here is a snippet of what he wrote to me following his reading:
“Thank you so much for this Holly. Very much appreciated…. The information is clear and spot on. It had a very solid, resonate feel, which is interesting in that it is one of the few readings that I have had that sort of sparked a stronger sense of knowingness and resolve in a different way. Difficult to explain, but it sort of felt like these pieces came together with a new “glue”, if you will, pulling the disparate parts of me into a new alignment.”           – K.W.


Since the reading he has been able to take action in areas of his life he had been unable to do before, feel more comfortable in taking the action, and trusting that he was making the right decisions for himself.

Guidance for YOU!

In my lifetime, I have not found any tool that brings clarity, understanding, and guidance to the issues and concerns in my life the way the Akashic Records do.
Do you have any life concerns? Would you like to explore your Akashic Records to find the answers that are most appropriate for you at this time? I invite you to read more about the Akashic Records at Akashic Record Readings.

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