Moons, Retrogrades & Other Heavenly Experiences in Your Akashic Records

Today we have a New Moon in Gemini. Every month there is a new moon. Every month there is a full moon…and sometimes two when we have blue moons!  Every year we have Mercury going retrograde multiple times. The planets are out there, doing their thing, and we are impacted by it all.

And all of this is set to the back drop of our own life’s journey, our own astrology, our own numerology and so much more.

Sometimes it can be confusing!  Are you with me on that?  And have you picked up the energy of dreading each Mercury Retrograde like so many others?

I have been shifting my opinion about all of this recently.  I am reframing all of it in terms of its benefit to me.  If I am an integral part of this Universe, then everything happening in it is supportive of my own journey one way or another, even all the heavenly bodies!  No matter what they are up to, no matter what it looks like, there is something GOOD about it for me. My job is to discover a positive relationship to it to the greatest degree I can.  It does me no good to feel victimized by planetary activities…it is not more beneficial to me to feel victimized by the planets than it does for me to feel victimized by others’ actions…or even my own.

So, in the past year I have made a significant shift in how I process all the information about the new moons, full moons, retrogrades, eclipse seasons, Lion’s Gate, and more! 

Here is what I do to customize each moon phase or other planetary activities to my own life: I use my Akashic Records! 

Because I am not a student of astrology I rely on those who have committed their energies to studying this vast art to give me some foundational information about what is up in the heavens…and, more importantly, how to positively align with those current energies.  I follow people who are experts. I have readings with them (check out the link at the bottom for my “go to” astrologer!) if I feel I need the information & wisdom they access. I don’t need to know everything!

Do Some Research

If it is a new moon phase, as it is now in Gemini, I look up the people I trust with information about the planetary information and see what they are saying about the specific energies of this moon phase.  Every new moon is about new beginnings, so it is a good time to set intentions about what you would like to grow in your life. Our intentions then will be growing as the moon is growing into a full moon!  Aside from the general energies of the new moon, there are specifics based on where the moon is, as it is in Gemini now.  There are specific energies that you can focus on relative to that.

Go Into My Akashic Records

Once I have read some of my fav astrologers, I go into my Akashic Records with that information and receive guidance about the best ways for me to orient myself to the planetary experience, whether it is a moon phase, a Mercury Retrograde, or anything else happening in the heavens.

Here are the steps I take to use my Soul’s information to positively and deeply align with the planetary events:

  1.  Open my Akashic Records. Settle in. Take the moments to arrive in this sacred space and connect with my Masters, Teachers & Loved Ones.
  2. Then I begin telling them that I am there to find out more about the current new moon, the full moon, Mercury Retrograde, or whatever other event is happening.  I will explain what I found out in my research with my trusted resources.
  3. Then I ask them to share any information or awareness about my stance or actions (to do or to not do!) during this time.  I ask for advice about how to utilize the planetary energies to my advantage, supporting me in getting to the next level of who I am here to be.
  4. When I am asking them for any guidance:
    1. I am open to any and all information that may, or may not, be what I know from my prior research. 
    2. I am open to the idea that they will give me action steps to do.
    3. I am open to the idea that they will say that this is not a significant time for me so I don’t need to do anything special. 
    4. I am open to them telling very human things such as “make sure you are getting rest” or “get outside with your feet in the ground every day during this phase” or “drink plenty of water and eat lightly to support shifts in your body at this time” or any other nugget they wish to share. 
    5. I am also open to them sharing that the planetary energies are in support of some deeper healing at that particular time and to really dive into it with all my healing tools! 
      For example, if there are some past wounds that are still festering (we all have a few of those on hand all the time, don’t we?) perhaps it is a good time to really address them and make significant progress healing those old wounds.
  5. I feel very comfortable asking them for more guidance on my approach to getting the most out of whatever planetary phase we are all in! 
    1. If they suggest more water, I would ask “how much”?  Then, I trust whatever I hear and do it! 
    2. If they suggest I get my feet on the ground every day, I would ask “how long do you suggest?” Then I trust whatever came to mind and then do it.  It could be as little as 5 minutes!  I don’t need to decide how long it should be, unless they suggest it does not matter how long…my choice.

Get comfortable asking more questions to be clear!

  1. Whenever you feel complete, close your records.
  2. Then you want to DO IT! Take Action.  Whatever advice they give, try it out!  Implement it!  You have asked, they responded, so follow their advice and see what can happen

Our Action is required to create the real shifts we desire.

I like to track these things, which is why I have my Akashic Records journal. I can see when I asked and what their guidance was. I can note what shifts I see coming about and I can also track additional times I may have gone into my records for extra advice along the way.

Since their suggestions are likely to be doing something apart from your everyday experiences, find a way to place reminders in your space such as the ubiquitous “sticky notes” (post its, for example), reminders in your smart phone, calendar events, get a accountability buddy and the like.  Create a support system to reinforce the advice of your Masters, Teachers & Loved Ones – you know what will work for you in your life.

Consistent Action Creates Change!

If a particular planetary cycle is a big one for you, consider going into your records more often to receive the support of your team and the energy of your records.  It makes a difference.

Who I go to for personal astrological advice: Adrienne Abeyta

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Holly Hawkins Marwood is an International Akashic Records Instructor and Reader who is passionate about sharing the gifts and benefits of the Akashic Records with the world. She believes that everyone should know how to use this incomparable resource to help them manifest the life of their dreams. You can read more about the classes she teaches and the sessions that she and her husband, Paul Marwood, offer through their business, Soul Genesis. They work internationally and locally and offer sessions at a distance as well as in person.

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