For Better, For Worse in the Akashics – Maintaining Inner Balance

This post could easily be entitled

“Navigating the Ever-Changing Landscape of Life with Ease, Grace & Trust”

I am writing and posting this blog on Janaury 20, 2017 when the United States is inaugurating a new president….please read on. This is not about politics, which side of the road you are on, nor your opinions about the goodness or badness of this leader. This is all about YOU!

Today, in the United States, there is huge change afoot.

It is inauguration day of the 45th president of the country. The truth is that in the United States this happens every 4 – 8 years. We have a changing administration. This is not new. It happens all the time.

Election years in this country are always dramatic, polarized and everyone feels justified in his or her opinions. This one was a real doozy, but I don’t need to tell you that. No matter where you live in the world, this election has had an impact.

You may have been in great support of this change or you may be terrified about the change.

The truth is that none of us truly knows what the outcome is of this new administration will actually be: if it will improve and uplift lives in the United States and the world, or if there will be a bunch of people saying “I told you so” in the years to come.

Time and experience will show us. Time and experience will validate the point of view of some. Time and experience will destroy the point of view of some. BUT….WE. JUST. DON’T. KNOW. We simply don’t know.

And that is not really the issue.

The issue is not whether this 45th president is the man of our dreams or our worst nightmare.

The bigger issue at hand is FEAR, TRUST, and BALANCE.

  • If you are feeling out of balance with this inauguration
  • If you have a strong energy of upset, fear, and helplessness
  • If you find yourself polarized with others who have an opposite point of view
  • If you find yourself afraid of the future and making plans to leave the country (yes, many have mentioned this as an option they are considering!)

Your Invitation

If you find yourself in a level of fear, lacking trust in what is ahead and you have lost your inner calm and balance, I invite you on a journey. One that can get you back into Trust and Balance and one that can help you dissolve the fear, indignation, anger, denial, and upset, if that is what you are feeling and experiencing.

SOUL first, HUMAN second

First of all, let us begin with the remembrance that we are a SOUL first, HUMAN second. We have spent lives with amazing leaders…heck, we might have BEEN one of those amazing leaders. We have spent lives under oppressive and abusive leaders…heck, we might have BEEN one of those horrific leaders.

We KNOW that our Soul is transcendent to these concerns and in all of the experiences we have had in all of our lifetimes we are still here, journeying on. None of it has taken us out….remember SOUL first, HUMAN second. Of course, some of those lifetimes might not be pretty from the human perspective. I get that. I have seen too much in the Akashic Records to deny that!

Get With Your Soul

In ANY time of turmoil, upset and confusion it is great to tap into the deeper reservoir you have access to: Your Soul. Get with your Soul first and foremost.

As someone who knows and works in the Akashic Records, you know that simply opening your records is a sweet healing balm no matter what.

I would love to share with you today a few suggestions to support you in regaining your balance, perspective, point of view, using the Akashic Records. They are all quite different so try one that resonates strongly for you or make your way through all of them. They will help…being in the records always does.

Each one of these are exercises or experiences you can do when you are in your records. So I invite you to open your Akashic Records before each one of these.

  1. Consciously settle into your records. Feel the Akashic Atmosphere of Unconditional Love, Freedom from Judgment, and Endless Support & Understanding.
    1. If you have been feeling worried, upset, at odds, angry, fearful or any kind of upsetting emotions, begin talking about it in your records. Talk about the fear, the upset, the worry and concern. Say it all whether it makes sense or not. Be real about your feelings. Be angry, frustrated and upset.a
    2. Be real about not knowing the outcomes and feeling like the world has begun to spin backwards. What ever you are feeling speak it out. Cry, swear, grit your teeth and shake your fist at God in there too, if you wish!
      It is all good…remember the field of the Akasha holds us up in our human truth. Do this for as long as you desire. Then sit. Don’t ask any questions like “Why?”. Just sit in your Truth and your point of view.
    3. Close your Akashic Records when you feel complete with this session.
    4. Do this every day for a while. Be in observance of how you feel throughout the day. Extend that same compassion, understanding and lack of judgment to yourself that you experience in your records.
  2. Consciously settle into your records. Feel the Akashic Atmosphere of Unconditional Love, Freedom from Judgment, and Endless Support & Understanding. Once you are there go through all of these experiences:
    1. Ask to be shown lifetimes when you lived under a fantastic ruler, when life was good, full of hope and prosperity and people were thriving.
    2. Ask to be shown lifetime when you lived under an abusive leader, when life was horrible, downtrodden, and lacking any glimmer of hope for joy, lightness and pleasure in life.
    3. Ask to be shown a lifetime when you were a fantastic, loving, benevolent leader and all the people you lead had the best lives ever.
    4. Ask to be shown a lifetime when you were a despot, an oppressive leader, and did not care about the quality of life of those who you lead.
    5. Ask to be shown a lifetime when you lived under a great leader, yet had a poor quality of life.
    6. Ask to be shown a lifetime when you lived under a horrible, abusive leader, yet you had an amazing life anyway.
    7. Gather all of that information, then close your records.
  3. Consciously settle into your records. Feel the Akashic Atmosphere of Unconditional Love, Freedom from Judgment, and Endless Support & Understanding. Once you are there go through all of these experiences:
    1. Ask your Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones (M,T,LO’s) to help you feel greater trust in your SELF and know that you are here for the right reasons at the right time even if you don’t understand it clearly at the moment.
    2. Ask your M,T,LO’s to help you connect deeply with the transcendence of YOU throughout all time and space.
    3. Ask to be shown the reason…the GOOD reason…you are here at this point in history
      1. Of the United States
      2. Of the world
      3. During this Ascension process
    4. Ask to be shown how you make a difference in the NOW, how you are contributing to the Ascension of consciousness on the planet at this time, how it is perfect that you are here at this time, that there was not better time for you to experience this incarnation. (This could come in with data and facts, and it could come in as a feeling.)
    5. Close Your Records

These are important times.

These are times where we are uncovering and discovering new resources inside ourselves that have been unprecedented in our history. These resources have always been there. They are not new. What is new is our access to these deep reservoirs of all that we are seeking: abiding love, trust, transcendence and connection. You have them. They are there. Lean into the Akashics to help you live them in your life.

Akashic Blessings to Each and Every One of You as we navigate this time together.

Journey in Your Heart

Heart-felt Blessings,

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