Earth Day and the Akashic Records

Earth Day and the Akashic Records

Happy Earth Day!

Did you know that our annual honoring of the beautiful planet we live on began around 1970 and has continued growing to this day? Around the globe people are having festivals, planting trees, planting bee, butterfly and hummingbird gardens, and/or doing a variety of actions to reduce the human impact on the planet such as eliminating plastic bags and single use water bottles. All around the globe there are public campaigns to clean up environmentally impacted areas. There are as many Earth Day ideas and celebrations out there as people and they are all good!

Our Lives are Intertwined

Earth Day is a great time to draw conscious awareness to Mama Nature & Gaia and how we are so well supported. There are so many ways we can draw our attention to the endless contribution of the Earth to our every day lives. For example, no matter what type of food you eat it is all sourced from the earth: the vegetables, fruit, grains, sugars, eggs, butter, meat, oils, water, and on and on. There is not one thing you consume that does not begin its journey to your mouth from any place other than the Earth! Look at your home: all the wood, glass and fabrics that make up your home began, at some stage, in the Earth. What about the clothes you wear? The cotton, wool, silk and even man-made fabrics started with the Earth in one way or another. Our lives are inextricably inter-woven with Mama Gaia. She deserves a daily celebration don’t you think?

Because our lives are so intertwined and “one” with the planet, wouldn’t it be great to open the Akashic Records of the Earth? And what better day to do it than Earth Day?

Question Suggestions

Here are a few question suggestions you can ask once you are in the Akashic Records of the Earth:

    • 1. What do you need from us? In what ways can we better support you?
    • 2. Is there anything you would like me to know now that I can do to support you?
    • 3. I always love to go in and sit in the very different vibration from my own records. I sit, feel, experience and observe.
    4. Ask the Earth what it/she would like to share with you.

And…here are a few question suggestions you can ask in your own Akashic Records about the Earth:

    • 1. Go into your own Akashic Records and ask your Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones what you can do to better support the Earth.
    • 2. Ask what you can do to make the biggest contribution from the place of your own life. (No you don’t need to become and environmental activist in addition to all the other things you do in your life!)
    • 3. I also love to ask open-ended questions such as: what can I do that I am not aware of now? Or what can I do that is very easy to incorporate in my life that is a big impact?
    4. You can ask to be shown all the ways you are supporting Earth already and even the ways that you were not aware of!

Be Surprised!

Allow your awareness to be wide open in these experiences, whether you are in your own Akashic Records or that of the planet. You might be surprised at what information, wisdom and guidance you receive.


Share your experiences of your exploration of Earth in the Akashic Records in the comment section below!


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