Connecting to Inner Peace – Guidance from Athena

A channeled message from Athena. June 10th 2012.
Channeled by Paul Marwood

Athena is my guide. She has been my guide for most or possibly all of my life.
Many people often talk about how busy they are. They say how stressed they are with all the things that are happening in their lives and some people say that all this stress affects their health and well-being.
So I conversed with Athena about this. In this conversation she taught me many things and suggested I write the following down and share it for the benefit of all. Here is the wisdom she shared with me.

Mountain StreamFind yourself a quiet place for 15 minutes.
Sit down in a comfortable position and close your eyes.
Take a deep breath in, hold it for a few seconds and then let it out with a big sigh. As you do this imagine all of the stresses and problems just fading away.
Take another breath in, hold it, and sigh it out with a big AAhhhhhhhhhhh!!!
Take a third breath in, hold it, and sigh it out with a big AAhhhhhhhhhhh!!!

Now tune in to your body and make a few gentle adjustments to ensure you are sitting in a comfortable position. Feel your breath as you slowly and gently breathe in and out from your belly. Feel a sense of relaxation.

Close your eyes and imagine that you are sitting on a nice rock beside a gentle mountain stream. Perfectly safe. Listen to the sound of the water as it meanders down the stream, effortlessly flowing around the rocks and obstacles in its path. Hear the soft bubbling sound. Observe how the water flows towards its destination without resistance. Now take your attention to the sound of the birds nearby. Hear them singing and fluttering around as they merrily go about their business. Hear how they harmonize with each other. Hear how their sounds combine with the sound of the running water to create the symphony of nature.

Now shift your focus to the smell of the fresh air. Smell that fresh mountain air as it flows through your nostrils, cleansing and clearing all of what’s in your head. Smell the sweetness of the scents in the air, the smell of the nearby trees; the wondrous and different smells of nature, all combining in a wonderful recipe in your nose.

Now shift your focus to take this all in, the beauty of the place that you are at, the symphony of sound and smell and notice what your body feels. Feel the peace that you feel in this space. Feel that feeling of relaxation, centeredness, peace, and a connection to all that is around you.
Just rest in that feeling of Peace, allow it to permeate all through your being and beyond. Experience the joy in just sitting there beside the stream, just being in the moment and taking it all in. Loving every moment of this experience. Feel how this peace allows your body to relax. Feel how this peace allows your body to replenish itself. Feel how this peace gives you a feeling that this is what you are meant to feel like all the time. You can just relax and be who you are, nothing else matters. Stay with this for a while and explore this feeling. Take fifteen minutes to just rest in this space and allow.

As you slowly shift your attention back to the actual place that you are in, take another deep breath and feel the relaxation that you still feel. Feel how your body is happy, feel how it feels relaxed and nourished. Take a moment to remember that what you just had is a natural feeling, a feeling that nourishes and centers you, makes you happy and content. When you totally immerse yourself in an experience in your imagination, your body does not know the difference between being there in your mind, and actually being there. Remember that at any time, anywhere, you can move to the mountain stream you have just visited. It is always there.

I offer you this experience to use whenever you are feeling troubled or frustrated. Remember the state you are in beside the mountain stream is your natural state and the place you are most relaxed. The stressful states that we create in our busy lives are not our natural states. Remember that each time you go back to the mountain stream, it will be easier to immerse yourself in the imagery and sensations. When you have practiced this many times you will be able to return to the mountain stream any time you need to without assistance. Then as you and your body remember this most natural state, you will be able to carry it in to every part of you busy life. This will allow you to flow like the water, around the obstacles that life places in your way. You will be centered and clear, like the water, clear in thought and mind, so you can make the decisions and perform the actions that will allow you to flow around life’s obstacles with ease. You will become happier within yourself, and you will find that your life will be easier, the people around you become more friendly and easier to get along with. Your relationships with your partner and family will blossom. You will have more energy and be clearer in what you need to do.

Visit your mountain stream regularly.

Love and Blessings to you all.

Endnote – I would love to hear your comments once you have tried this. If you any questions on this please feel free to call me on 760 803 2338 or email Paul Marwood

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  1. They say when you are ready “your teacher will come”…. well i have been in an empty space for awhile now and thru “llinked-in” i found this wonderful site.. I have been talking and talking and trying to teach all i can about “comming from the heart center.. as is channeled to me thru the universal connection to be the new “change in conscousness” promised from the 2012 mayans precictions.. and this channeling has been comming to me since the 80’s :):):) finally have found MY place to visit and hear from like minded people and my new “teachers” :):) THANK YOU so much to all of you involved in this site!!
    with much LOVE AND LIGHT
    anne maclean

    • Dear Anne,
      Thank you for such a lovely comment. We are all light and are here in support of each other. I look forward to more sharing through Facebook and our hearts.
      With Love and Blessings

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