End Communication Problems During Mercury Retrograde!

Dreaded Mercury Retrograde

Here we are in another Mercury Retrograde! Many of us groan and dread these cycles, yet they are natural cycles within our solar system. There is a benefit to them! Are there challenges as well? Seemingly so, especially if your emails are being delivered or your computer crashes, but what if we reframe the whole DREAD OF MERCURY RETROGRADE and find the benefits in this time.

Losing the Resistance via Empowerment

After all, Mercury Retrograde is a thing. It happens. Several times a year. We can keep feeling victimized by Mercury or find what is good about it, what each of these retrogrades are bringing to our lives. What if we reframe this potent retrograde to find out how it benefits us, helps us grow, and delivers to us new opportunities to become more?

Communication and Mercury Retrograde

One of the big bug-a-boos about Mercury Retrograde is the way that communication has the potential to breakdown. This is communication in any way, shape or form: conversations, emails, texts, body language. You name it, communication can get squirrely during these retrogrades.

Instead of feeling that you should refrain from any communication during each and every retrograde here is a way to up-level and support the highest level of communication…anytime…during Mercury Retrograde or not.

Mercury (Buddhi) Mudra

There is a mudra which is suited for improved communication and is aptly named the Mercury Mudra, or Buddhi Mudra! This mudra can be done at any time you wish to have great communication (we want this all the time, right?) and it is especially supportive during Mercury Retrograde!

What are Mudras?

To begin with, Mudra is a Sanskrit word that means “seal” or “closure”. Mudras help to direct the flow of energy within the body by using the hands.

The different areas of the hands are connected with areas in the body and the brain. So when you place your hands in the mudras, you stimulate different areas of the brain creating a specific energy circuit in the body. By doing this, you help generate a specific state of mind.

How to do the Mercury Mudra

The two fingers you will use for this mudra are the thumb and the pinkie (Mercury finger). To begin with place the pad of your thumb on top of the nail of your pinkie finger. Hold that for about 1 minute, then switch to placing the tips of your thumb and pinkie together.


Improved Communication

Doing this mudra will support you in better communication on all levels! It is so easy you can do it anytime: in a work meeting, during a heated debate, when you wish to be heard clearly, etc.

“Creates capacity to clearly and intuitively communicate, stimulates psychic development.”

This is a great mudra to use all the time, especially if you are someone who feels that they are not heard or that they are easily misunderstood.

It is especially good to do during the Mercury Retrograde times when communication has a greater potential to be problematic.

Watch this short video with Yogi Bhajan explaining the Buddhi Mudra.

Curious about more mudras and how they can support your best life? Check out this article as a start. Mudras

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