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What is Channeling?

In general terms, channeling is the process of accessing higher levels of consciousness to receive guidance and inspiration that is shared with others. The higher levels of consciousness come from non-physical sources such as guides, ascended masters, angels, and more. The intent is to give you access to higher-level understanding about your personal life as well as access to understanding that assists you to grow beyond your current self, cultivating greater peace and harmony in your life.

Channeling can be communicated verbally, in audio format, written via books or visually in art or videos. Led by Holly Hawkins Marwood, Soul Genesis delivers channeling in all forms of expression.

Who is the High Council of Orion?

The High Council of Orion is the primary channeled source brought through by Holly Hawkins Marwood. They are a group of non-physical beings who are from the star system of Orion, bringing forth guidance and information to assist all people through this time of transformation. The High Council of Orion are the teachers of practical, everyday messages as well as many of the advanced transformational and healing processes offered by Soul Genesis. The High Council of Orion are here to guide us through our planet’s transition to a higher vibration and elevated consciousness as it relates to the design of the future that is beginning to unfold for everyone. In doing so, they provide tips, tools, and guidance about how to bring the future reality into existence into our current lives. They are caring, loving and unconditionally supportive of our journey through everyday life as well as our spiritual awakening and evolution. They are available to all who are drawn to and can benefit from their communication. They have over several years also taught us the 111™ Activation and the Tree of Life Crystalline Activation.



Holly as a Conscious Channel

Holly Hawkins Marwood is a conscious channel, which means she’s in a conscious state during her channeling sessions with the High Council of Orion or the other non-physical beings she channels. She’s fully aware of the information as it comes through, either verbally or in written form, and is also aware of the audience and their questions when she’s channeling in a group situation.

Holly has been channeling for several years and began to channel the High Council of Orion in January 2011. Since that time, she and her husband Paul Marwood, have consistently brought through the High Council of Orion’s loving messages and guidance and have shared those messages with a worldwide audience through: regularly posted channeling events, a newly published e-book, “Soul Prosperity”, and the Soul Brilliance Guidebook & Audio.

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