Channeled Message – High Council of Orion — 20th Dec 2012

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These are channeled messages leading up to 21st of December 2012 that we were asked to post daily by
The High Council of Orion.

                  THE HIGH COUNCIL OF ORION
                           December 20th 2012.

Channeled by Holly Hawkins Marwood
Transcribed by Paul Marwood
American Sign Language Translation by Terrylene Sacchetti
(See below transcript)

                                 12 / 21 / 2012

“Greetings Dear Ones.
We are the High Council of Orion.
Today’s message straddles that date of 12/ 21/12 that so many of you on the planet have put out there as a marker in time as being very significant. We say you are straddling that time period because there are some places on the planet at this moment who already are at the 12/21/12 date and some are not quite there yet. So this time period in which we are speaking to you is within that time frame and many of you are experiencing that the world is not ending, is it? But as we spoke about nine days ago this has been a cycle of completion and when one thinks of cycles, there is always an ebb and a flow. In this case, an ending for a new beginning. For with all cycles there always is a return to the starting point and then a continuing on. That is what this timeframe is. It is the completion of a very long cycle, moving into the birth of a new era.

While much focus has been placed on the ending, and the potentials within the ending as if the world, as you knew it, were going to fall off of a cliff. What we are focused on is the new beginning on the other side: the renewal, the re-growth, the rejuvenation that happens in the beginning of a rebirth cycle. For that is what you are all stepping into and many of you have already been feeling it. For there is not an abrupt change from one phase to the next, in this case it’s been a gradual shifting of energies, lessening of the old and raising the frequencies of the new. So as this date that’s been a milestone is passed, these new energies of rebirth and re-growth and transformation are abundant within and on and around your planet.

We ask you to think back, review, read, listen to the many messages we’ve shared with you over these many days. Feel within your heart and your soul the uplifting messages of where you are moving to and how you can access that future potential more in your moments now. Every day that goes by they will be easier to access. It will be easier to live from your heart, see your companions on the planet, whether they’re standing on 2 feet, 4 feet, fur, feathers, bark or leaves and the planet herself. You will start feeling that connection within all your energies. You’ll see decision-making changing. You’ll see lives start to shift and your news will begin to report more and more of the “positive side of life”, as you would call it.

So we ask you to embrace this time of growth and transformation and change with the same excitement you might see as the little buds of green poke their heads through the soil after the winter. How exciting that is to see that new growth pop up to the soil again! As it grows that beautiful light green of the newness, the growth that happens almost as you watch it, and the green extending out to green up the entire tree or bring forth the new flowers of spring, to bring forth new life on the planet. This is a time of renewal and rebirth, just as spring is. Just as you can feel it in the air when the season of spring arrives, you can feel it in the air now if you choose to tune into it. It’s an exciting and alive time. Connect with it with your heart and soul! Smile! Be joyful and connect to the happiness in life!

Be Blessed.

We are the High Council of Orion.”
The High Council of Orion has taught us the 111™ Activation to help you with connecting more deeply with your heart and Soul, assisting you to move forward in your journey at this time. More information about this is here.
French translation is available at
ASL Translation by Terrylene Sacchetti

© 2012 Copyright Holly Hawkins Family Trust
This channeled message may be reproduced in it’s entirety provided it is kept in it’s original form and not altered or changed in any way, with the Author and website clearly included.

Image Credit: John Pitre


  1. Collette Healy on December 26, 2012 at 5:47 am said:

    Thank you Holly and Paul for your dedication and the beautiful, light, messages and thoughts you give to us from the High Council of Orion.

    Collette 🙂

    • Dear Collette,
      You’re very welcome! It is a honor to bring through their messages and I’m glad they were meaningful! We will continue to bring forward more of their messages at regular intervals…as they say…
      “Stay Tuned”! 🙂

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