Channeled Message — High Council of Orion — 15th Feb 2013

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                     15th February 2013.

Channeled by Holly Hawkins Marwood
Transcribed by Paul Marwood


“Greetings Dear Ones,

We are the High Council of Orion.

Today let us continue our conversation about you connecting and finding all the answers in the fullness of you are, in here and now. What we would like to explain is this concept or idea of “fragmentation,” and the recovering of fragments, if you will.

We used this metaphor of fragmentation because it’s easy to have a visual around it. It’s easy to connect with this concept when we present it in this way. For your Soul as an individuated piece of source is never truly fragmented, as you would see fragments of glass when something breaks. But using this idea gives you the visual to help you connect.

Many of you are experiencing greater levels of discomfort externally or internally. Externally could be through job and relationship, financial struggles, moving, loss of family and friends. Many of you are looking out onto the world, and seeing what appears to be an increase in the amount of discord around the world.

What you are able to see and connect with consciously at this time, would be fragmentation that has happened over many many lifetimes. And some of it has happened within this lifetime. And this idea of oneness that people talk about now on your planet, will happen when those fragments of yourself are retrieved and healed so they are in a sense all with you now, you have no fragments hanging off in other lifetimes or in other places, and you bring them all back to be present with you, as you come into the fullness of your Soul’s expression, you come into your own personal place of oneness and fullness. And as individuals heal release, and find the resources within yourselves to come to that greater level of expression within yourselves.

Then one is shifting the energetic grid within oneself, and it allows the energetic grid in and on the planet to shift as well, to a place of oneness. For as humans incarnating on the planet at this time, you are all also fragments of the oneness of the planet as well. So in bringing yourself back to wholeness, to oneness, allows the fullest expression of who you are at this time. And if you’re one who listens to these messages, your Soul is ripe and ready to retrieve those fragments.

How did that fragmentation happen? Throughout many lifetimes there have been experiences that have been traumatic, upsetting, victimized, many things. And as a result of those experiences in other lifetimes, there remain unhealed parts. We’re seeing evidence about it now on the planet as more and more things are coming up, and they’re coming up not to point out all the negatives, they’re coming out to bring up awareness around that which needs to be shifted and worked with.

For it is a blessing to have these things come up now. For as they come up, then you have an opportunity to deal with them. If they are buried, if they are unrecognized, then nothing can be done with them and your life experience is at the effect of it, whether you like it or not. So when things seem more difficult or more challenging or upsetting, it’s an opportunity to really look within and decide what needs to be healed around that issue, and there are many many many ways to work with this healing, this release, this anti-fragmentation if you will.
To bring those parts of you back to the fullness of who you are.

We can’t possibly mention all the ways that one can connect with that wholeness, for there are many many ways to do it. But the key is always finding the ways that are self-empowering, and the ones that you feel resonant with. There are many who heal through sound. If one is healing through sound that relates to the chakras, and one works to balance the energies within the chakras, that is one way of recovering fragmented light of your Soul. For each of your chakras reflects different ways that you have not returned to the fullness of who you are right now. If one was oriented towards healing through the chakras, and that felt resonant, that’s one way to do it, through color and through sound. Ideally finding a way to learn to ultimately work with oneself, with color and sound would be ideal.

Working with many many of the modalities of energy healing can allow you to heal and recover those fragmented pieces, not just solely looking at the evidence say for example within the human body of illness and un-wellness, but digging deeper behind that to root causes. Do not just look for symptom relief, not just look for those external answers but really digging within.

The use of the flower essences is another beautiful way to work, and look at the beautiful experience of the energetics of the flowers on your planet. They are so much more than here to bring beauty in the realm of your eyes and your nose. They are here to assist as well, and this is a beautiful example of what we spoke about in the previous message about some of the answers are hiding in plain sight.

Accessing the information that’s stored in your Akasha that’s in the DNA of your body. The physical body that you are walking around with every day, has that DNA that the scientists say has 95% junk in it. Which would not make sense would it? That’s a realm of where your Akashic Records are, right again hidden in plain sight. And we know you don’t see your DNA, but the idea is that the answers are all there within. So working with your Akashic records is a way to uncover and recover the fragmented light.

The idea here is to look into the world and find what feels resonant, and be open to whatever comes along. Be open to working not the simplest most obvious level of perhaps physical manifestation, but being willing to dive into all levels of who you are on the physical mental emotional, and energetic realms to bring those fragmented pieces back to whole.

There truly is nothing that’s going on in your life, that you cannot come to greater peace and understanding about. Does it mean that everything shifts and changes so that it’s what you decide; particularly your ego decides is what would be ideal? Not necessarily. But being aligned with the Soul level truth of who you are and allowing yourself to be in alignment with what is, allowing yourself to see that Soul level truth of the perfection of what is in your life, instead of what you want it to be, opens the floodgates for the greater amount of light from your Soul to flood forward and flood into your life.

What if, in your moments of perception of suffering and hardship, for which there are many right now, you sat with yourself and allowed yourself to be perfectly okay with all of it. Not from the point of view of apathy or giving up, but what if you said to yourself this is my Soul’s best idea. So if this is what is, let me dive in and find the peace and the beauty and perfection in where I’m at in the moment. As you allow that perfection of where you are in the moment, you automatically release the constriction of judgment and fear, which automatically allows more to come in.

Its very counter to many things that you’ve been taught on your planet, it’s counter to much of the collective consciousness. But coming into a place of true peace and ease with what is, actually does not continue that pattern, it actually allows you the release from constriction of judgment to allow something to shift and change. For as long as there is resistance to what is the movement cannot happen, the shift and the change cannot happen.

We ask you to look around, be open to things that you’ve never used or considered before, as ways that are those answers that are hidden in plain sight. We’ve given you just a few examples of many many things that are available to you, and there are no right or wrong choices to be made, for each individual Soul will have pathways or choices to make that are resonant with that Soul.

Trust yourself to empower yourself in alignment with your Souls process, you are enough, you are enough and as you connect with that, you will see yourself shift and move and change in ways that you hadn’t before now.

Be Blessed,

We are the high Council of Orion”

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Author: Holly Hawkins Marwood 

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