Channeled Message — High Council of Orion — 12th Feb 2013

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                     12th February 2013.

Channeled by Holly Hawkins Marwood
Transcribed by Paul Marwood

                        FINDING YOUR ANSWERS

“Greetings Dear Ones,

We are the High Council of Orion.

Today’s message continues the journey inward, to find a greater level of knowing and understanding that you are enough. All the answers all that you seek all the questions you have, can all be found within who you are and within your world in one way or another. It’s as if you’re playing a game that would be a mystery game, and all the clues are out in broad daylight, and you go searching in the darkness for them.

And we say this not as a criticism of course, we say this as a way of shifting understanding that’s been put in place on your planet for many many years. Through regimes of oppression and control, over what would be many lifetimes on your planet, there has been in a sense a of sort of amnesia that has been put over the consciousness of the humans on the planet, and one can incarnate and reincarnate into it, with that amnesia constantly being reinforced.

At the times when you leave the physical body, and you look back if you will on the incarnation. You could say to yourself, “Oh why did I forget?” “Next time when I come back I won’t forget.” “I won’t forget that all the answers I seek are right there in plain sight.”

Yet the consciousness, this grid, contains energy of repression, and our message today is not focusing on that aspect. The focus of our message today is focusing on this understanding that, you have it all within you to achieve all that you want to achieve, and it’s being able to “turn the light on to see what’s in front of you.” And in a sense see the things in front of you with new eyes, as clues, as tools, as support for you.

It’s as if you’ve always been using a can-opener as a can-opener, because that’s just what you’ve been shown. But one day you look at the can-opener differently, and you see that can-opener as something that can do far more than you were ever taught. This example is not the best, but the idea is that there are many things around you in nature and within yourself, that you can learn to see and observe and open up to the level of information that they’re actually here to provide to you, instead of what has been in the collective consciousness over millennia.

This collective consciousness that’s been here, has put the veil over each individual’s experience that they are not enough, that without the support without the guidance without the knowledge without the information, and without the judgment of external sources, one could not possibly make the decision about what is right or wrong or appropriate for themselves in any given lifetime.

Now’s the time to actually go back and allow yourself to inform your self. It’s all there all the pieces of the puzzle all the solutions are there, and the question is how you access it, how do you access that level of knowledge that’s innate to who you are. For you would not have been brought here by your Soul if the solutions were not here. How about that for an idea? Your Soul would not bring you to a place to evolve and transform, if all the raw materials you needed were not already here in place, and this is why our messages do not necessarily go out to lofty places. For the loftiness is here, right where you are, right where your Soul has chosen for you to be.
And so the question is:
How do you shift your senses”?
How do you change your awareness?
How do you step outside of the collective consciousness to allow yourself to see what’s hidden in plain sight?

In this one message we are just opening up this concept of, all your solutions, all the energy that you need to come into the fullest expression of yourself, within this incarnation is here with you now. You are not broken, there’s nothing missing, and all the solution energy is within and around you.

As we move forward in our messages, we will dive into this more deeply and more specifically with examples and explanations. To allow you to become aware of what’s hidden in plain sight around you. To empower you to have the tools, the fortitude and the understanding to uncover and use what is already there. This is the beauty and the power of the time that you are here on this planet, for you are breaking through old paradigms, you are shifting the energetic grid on the planet for more to find those hidden objects in plain sight.

Isn’t it nice to know that the answers don’t need to come from other beings from the stars, the answers don’t need to come from without. Isn’t it exciting to know that your Soul would not leave you on a desert island, without the resources necessary to fulfill your best idea in this incarnation?

In our coming messages we will talk about how to uncover and connect with yourself, for it’s all here on the planet now. And some will be exercises that you can do with and for yourself to increase your sensitivity, to increase your trust in your own level of self information. Self informing self! Which really means Soul informing Self! For that is the basis of the knowledge.

Sometimes we will discuss external ways that are current on the planet, that allow you to connect more deeply with yourself. And might you need some assistance from some around you at times, to start learning how to connect with that Soul level knowledge? Yes. But the goal is not to create new levels of dependency on external information, the goal is to perhaps have some guidance, and some education on how to connect with, and trust that inner source that’s already there for you.

The biggest key, is having experiences that allow you to really trust in yourself, to trust in that inner resource of your “Soul informing your life.” As you see the positive evidence of that, you will then trust more, be excited to explore more. For as you explore, discover and uncover, you find the constrictions of the past, and the inherent fear of the past falling away as you connect with your Soul level divinity.

You shift the energetic grid for yourself, and you shift the energetic grid for the planet, and allow those old paradigms to begin to melt away and dissolve, in the light of that Soul level truth that you are enough, and you have it all here at your fingertips so to speak.

It’s an exciting journey and we want you to sit just in the knowingness, without needing to be in any action that you are enough, and you have it all here. And that is a big concept! If your mind says “Well I don’t have it all here because,” and your mind starts listing ways in which your life is not heaven on earth. You just ask your mind gently and quietly to be quiet, and just say “I’m going to just sit with the idea that I am enough!” For my Soul would not put me here without the resources that I need to fulfill my Soul levels choice.

Just sitting with that knowledge and information that it’s all sitting around you. Even if you don’t know it right now, it’s okay. Allowing that information to infiltrate your consciousness on that deep level, will allow greater receptivity to our messages as they move along.

We see each and every one of you as enough, as complete and as perfectly executing your Souls mission or intention of bringing you to you, at this time on the planet.

We ask that you just sit and “Feel your enoughness.” Sit and feel that even if it’s not uncovered, that all the resources that you need to be fully present to yourself at this time, are right there around you, soon to be uncovered and discovered.

Be Blessed,

We are the high Council of Orion”

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Author: Holly Hawkins Marwood 

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