Channeled Message – Ascension Countdown — Day 9

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The twenty second of 30 channeled messages leading up to 21st of December 2012 that we were asked to post daily by the High Council of Orion.
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                  THE HIGH COUNCIL OF ORION
                          COUNTDOWN DAY 9

                                       December 12th 2012.
Channeled by Holly Hawkins Marwood
Transcribed by Paul Marwood
American Sign Language Translation by Terrylene Sacchetti
(See below transcript)


“Greetings Dear Ones.
We are the High Council of Orion.

Today is a portal for you on your planet. Today is the date in time that you have identified as 12-12-12. When a date is presented that way as a 12-12-12 numerologically it is a 3-3-3, which equals a 9, which is completion. For those of you numerologists out there, of course that number is not exactly correct, is it?
For the entirety of the date is not included in there, but the energy of the 12-12-12 is an energy of 3-3-3 which is 9 and completion.

From this day to the end of the Mayan calendar there are 9 days left. From this portal of 12-12-12, from this day to the end of that Mayan calendar day it’s a beautiful time to look at your self introspectively, lovingly and objectively at the same time, and look at the things that require completion. Perhaps there are aspects of yourself that you’ve been working on and need to tweak a little bit.

Perhaps there are things just in the last few days, or even as recently as today, that have come up that say, “I’m still here and it’s time to release”. So the energy of completing this long cycle in your planetary history, and in your personal evolutionary history, is at hand.

What are the things that you would like to see resolved, that you would perhaps even like to see jettisoned out of your life? Not from a constricted place, but from a place of feeling “done”. This time between the 12-12-12 at 12-21-12 is a powerful time for completion and resolution; coming to peace with the truth in your life. Resolution can also mean acceptance.

Do have issues or concerns in your life that no matter what you do it remains steadfast?

What if instead of trying to jettison that aspect of who you are because you’re not comfortable with it, what if you come to a place of completion in terms of your resistance to it, and come into a place of loving acceptance. Being able to say to yourself “I’m perfectly okay if this is how I’m going to be for the rest of my life.” That can be a form of resolution as well. The acceptance of “what is”, to release constriction and judgment around things in your life, for when you release that constriction you open the energies for the possibility of change.

This is a beautiful point in time where you can look at yourself and your life, who you see yourself being as you move past this portal in time. As your human body continues to make a choice to be on the planet in this time, what are the things that you would embrace, feel excited about, and feel your Soul level truth about as you move forward?

As you know, these things we’re talking about are not necessarily just about worldly aspirations, of more money, better position, different relationship. We are talking about those Soul core level aspects of who you are, which then have the potential to manifest different outcomes in your worldly manifestation.

So embrace this time of change. Embrace the transformational energies that are on the planet at this time. Support yourself through it with what we’ve spoken about before: plenty of water, rest, time for yourself, introspection time.
It’s more of a time to gather energies in versus driving yourself to a new place, pushing and driving for that is an old construct of energy that we are moving past, into a place of looking within and allowing. From that place of looking within and allowing, the expansion happens more easily and far greater than from the energy of driving.

Be Blessed.

We are the High Council of Orion.”
The High Council of Orion has taught us the 111™ Activation to help you with connecting more deeply with your heart and Soul, assisting you to move forward in your journey at this time. More information about this is here.
French translation is available at
ASL Translation by Terrylene Sacchetti

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