Channeled Message – Ascension Countdown — Day 27

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The forth of 30 channeled messages leading up to 21st of December 2012 that we were asked to post daily by the High Council of Orion.
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                  THE HIGH COUNCIL OF ORION
                          COUNTDOWN DAY 27

                                       NOVEMBER 24th 2012.
Channeled by Holly Hawkins Marwood
Transcribed by Paul Marwood
American Sign Language Translation by Terrylene Sacchetti
(See below transcript)


“Greetings Dear Ones. It is with great joy that we meet with you again this day. Today’s message is about the Heavens and the Earth and the connection between them. What we really mean is about you, as a human being on the planet, being the connection point between Heaven and Earth. The reason for this is that juncture point between the Heavens and between the Earth happens in your heart. And it allows you as an individual at this time of great transition on the planet to sustain the changes more successfully, as you ground your energies into the Earth, and as you reach your energies skyward to the Heavens. It is, in a sense, of symbiotic relationship, for as you send your energy out to connect with the Heavens and to connect with the Earth, that energy going out automatically is returned to you and magnified. It’s magnified within the place of your Heart. While it is not uncommon in many traditions to connect your energies with Earth and connect your energies with the Heavens, we want to refresh that memory. For there are many on the planet who only feel it’s important to connect with the energies of the Earth, and there are many on the planet who feel the only place of connection are the Heavens, and there are many, many on the planet who have no consciousness of this at all. While we hold no judgment about it we are hoping to expand consciousness and understanding throughout all of humanity, regardless of their point of understanding or connection to this experience that has an opportunity to bring so much more in.

So, the experience we are asking you to share with us is to begin to place your attention in the space of your Heart, particularly allowing the energies that are in your mind which have driven you to the place you are, which have served you well in the place of your mind, yet we are asking you to draw that energy down, allow it to flow downward into the space of your heart. As you do so you may feel a shift in the energy in your heart. Perhaps you feel warmth in your chest, a tingling, maybe even an expansion, maybe nothing. As we’ve spoken about before using the imagination to envision the energy in your mind and your brain slowly moving down gently filling the space of your heart, allows that to be a truth, even if you’re not experiencing any energetic shift within your physical area of your heart. Truly in whatever way you choose, allow yourself to see the energy in your heart flowing down, deep down, into the center of the Earth. Perhaps you see it flowing down your spine and have that golden cord of light meeting the top layer of our beloved Gaia. Making its way down into the center of the Earth as a beautiful golden root. Perhaps you see the energies flowing down your legs, through the soles of your feet where you walk upon the bellowed Gaia, and have that energy flow directly down into the Earth. It matters not how you envision it or what feels right for you. The key is imagining your energy flowing down into the Earth that sustains you, that houses the air you breathe, the water that’s in your body, that’s in your food, the land that sustains the animals and plants that you consume, and just allow your energy to flow down and connect with the center of the Earth, in whatever way you see it. Perhaps the center looks like a molten ball of lava. Perhaps it’s a golden light. Perhaps it’s actually the heart of Gaia. Your point of connection and how you view it is not as important as the connection itself. Feel your energy lovingly flow from your heart down into the center of the Earth, being in this place of gratitude for all that Gaia has provided for us. As you feel that gratitude and love flowing down to the center of the Earth, allow it to flow back up to you. For Gaia, the planet, loves and sustains us. So it is a two-way flow of energy. When you do this on your own you can allow yourself to be in this beautiful place of feeling your connection to this stunning planet that your body has chosen to live and incarnate, and thrive, and learn, and grow. It’s the place in the universe that your Soul chose for the lessons that would bring it as far as it was intended to go in this lifetime. So in honoring our planet we’re honoring our Soul’s choice, to be exactly in the right place, in the right timing and we can say thank you for that.

Bringing your focus back to your heart, now drawing the energies of your heart upward, up into the Heavens. Again, in whatever way you feel creates that connection. Bring the energies up through your spine and out through the top of your head as a cord. Seeing it reached deep into the Heavens to the center of all that is. See your energy flowing up through your chakras and out your crown as a big pillar of light and moving out in all directions in a very expansive way so that you connect with the Heavens in its entirety. Whatever feels the most connected to you, reach out with your energies to the Heavens. Allow the intelligence and the Universal Love that again nurtured your Soul and brought it to this point in time. Allow your energies to flow up into the Heavens and up into the Universal Mind. As you can feel the gratitude and the flow, allow that love to return back to you and once again into your heart.

In your own time as you practice this, you can spend as long as you like connecting with the Heavens and feeling that symbiotic flow out and in. For now we’ll focus back on our heart space and feel the mingling and the coalescing of the energies of the beloved Earth, the energies of the Heavens, joined at the level of your Heart. For some of you right now you might be experiencing deep peace or love, a sense of oneness, and from this beautiful space as you continually bring your consciousness back down into your heart, as you allow your beingness to rest and relax in this space, if you feel so inclined it’s a beautiful space to ask for guidance. It is also a beautiful place to just rest and give yourself clarity from the space of your heart; clarity of who you are. Bringing that sense of gratitude for the direction of your Soul to bring you here and now. There are no accidents it is perfection that you are here on this planet, where you stand on the planet and all that you do is exactly how your Soul has guided it to be, and that’s a beautiful place to be. When you’re ready you can bring your consciousness back to the world, but what we would like to share with you is the importance, in this time of transition, to allow yourself to ground to the energies of the planet and be in that place of gratitude or peace, or sense of Oneness.

You are an essential thread in the fabric of the universe. The fabric would not be the same without your Soul exactly in the place that it is at this moment in time. Opening yourself up to the wisdom and guidance that’s available on that universal level is essential as well Feeling that connection; feeling and understanding that your Heart is the place of connection between the Earth and the Heavens for your Soul and its purpose and mission and choices on the planet at this time. As you spend time connecting to the planet, as to spend time connecting to the Earth, and being in that place of Heart-centered Peace. You will find greater ease and greater clarity in your own world, which allows you to make the right decisions for yourself. It also allows you to be in support of those around you, and it allows your light to shine even brighter than it already has. For that is how we see each and every one of you as beautiful beings of exquisite light. Each of you a light unto itself, unique. There is no other light that shines exactly like yours and for that we honor you.
We wish great love and expansion and connection for each one of you in your life.

Be blessed.

We are the High Council of Orion.”
French translation is available at
ASL Translation by Terrylene Sacchetti

Image Credit: John Pitre


  1. Kim Cassidy on November 26, 2012 at 5:25 pm said:

    I am so Grateful for this wonderful information.
    Thank-You Very much.
    Love and Blessings.

    • You are so welcome Kim. I get to listen to this information when Holly channels it and then again several times during transcription and sometimes more again as I go about my day to make it a part of me. Hope you enjoy their teachings. They are so relevant and the words so wise and loving.
      Love and blessings to you.

  2. Once again…

    I am just amazed that I was inspired to start to do yoga again, and in my new routine, I introduced a similar connection from my heart to the earth, and from my heart to Heaven.

    It’s funny, but those channelings have greater values for me, because I am listening to them with several days delay. Glad to know I am at the good place!

    Blessing to The High Council of Orion, Holly and Paul!

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